Kids N Keys Level 5 Piano Course

Kids N Keys Level 5 Piano Course

Welcome to Kids N Keys On-Line Learning Course for Piano

Level 5

In this five month session your child will learn to:

  • Read more and perform more in the Keys of C and G Major
  • Introduce songs in the Key of F Major
  • Transition into the Alphabet system of note reading
  • More activities on the recorder
  • Introduce basic guitar skills
  • Transposing many songs between the various keys
  • More composing as they create their own rhythm pattern before they write their notes and lyrics.

Let’s get set to have fun!


Course Materials

Level 5 Kids N Keys book, CD or download card, KnK flashcards, Alfred Flashcards, Guitar for Kids book (in-studio only), Recorder (from prior study) (Youth guitar or baritone Uke needed for studio lessons)

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