Are We There Yet? Pre Lesson 1 (Sample)

Perfect Praise Music

Are We There Yet? (Sample Lesson)

Pre Kids N Keys ~ Lesson One 


A Piano-Based  Musical Journey for Students Age 4.5+ Years


This lesson we are getting prepared to take a trip to visit the Seven Continents all around the world.


This Sample Lesson is the first lesson of this 12 week piano course. Study along with Mr. Michael of Perfect Praise Music and enjoy the Perfect Praise Puppet Pals, including George the monkey!

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Welcome to music class! Let's join Mrs. Denie for the Hello Song!

Let's sing our featured song Are We There Yet? with Mr. Michael!

God loves everyone! Let's sing about God's love for us!

Let's sing It's Music Time with Pedro and Suzie!

Mr. Michael loves to share with us about the most important thing to do today ... worship the Lord. 

Now, get your egg shakers out. Let's sing Everybody Praise the Lord with Mr. Michael!

Get your whiteboard kits and join Mrs. Denie for our whiteboard activity!

Get your pointer finger ready to read your music, Row, Row Row on Middle Do, Do, Do. (Page 11)

Now that we've pointed and sang our song this week.  Row, Row Row on Middle Do, Do, Do. (Page 11) 

Let's play and sing together!

Music class is so much fun, especially when we learn to do everything correctly. Your program with Perfect Praise Music may include accountability with a real live Teacher. It's time to send your HomePlay to your Teacher. 

Send it in on Day 6 of each lesson. 

These are the items you will submit today! 

1. Completed HomePlay Overview Sheet #1

2. Mama Do Worksheet page 10 from Student Book

You may submit via the Upload Portal on this website. Do this activity on Day 6 of each lesson, once you have completed 5 days of practice!  Good job! 

Joyful is our favorite horse that we met along the way. She will be traveling this vacation trip with us, teaching us everything knows about rhythm. Let's let her say hello! 

It's time to clap and thump with Mrs. Denie!

Now, Joyful the Horse, is going to show us how to clap and thump with Mary had a Little Lamb!

Throughout this program, we are going to travel all around the world! Let's get started by learning the Continental Chant! It teaches us the names of the Seven Continents, from largest to smallest.

Get your rhythm sticks ready to tap along with Mr. Michael.

"There are seven continents all around the world. 

There are seven continents, where God's voice is heard. 

There is Asia and Africa,

North and South America, 

Antarctica, Europe and tiny Austrialia."

God created everything; all the planets and stars, just by speaking the words, "Let There Be Light!"

Isn't that amazing? Let's watch this video to see what it might have been like!

Thank you for this amazing video! 

George is here to talk about creation!

Between the continents are the vast oceans that cover the earth! God filled them with all kinds of sea creatures and life. Look at this beautiful video of Planet Earth and see how much of it is covered with blue water! 

It's time for a game! Match the pairs of tiles together and remember what we learned this week!

It's time for our Goodbye Song. Sing along with Pedro and Suzie!