Tips for Zoom Piano Recital and Performance Parties

Perfect Praise


  1. Prepare Zoom:
    1. Create a Zoom Account on the device that you will be using.
    2. Practice to get the best reception, getting as close to your internet router as possible
    3. Hard wire if possible
    4. Turn off all other apps and devices that suck up your home’s bandwidth
    5. Use the most up to date device for filming
    6. If broadcasting from a computer, turn off other internet programs like Dropbox and email services that run constantly in the background. Same with your phone, close all programs.
  2. Logging in:
    1. When you log into the meeting it will ask your name. Please type the student’s first name.  You may also rename the screen once on. Please do that as it’s easier for us to find you when ready to perform.
    2. When logging in, it asks questions about audio. Select internet audio and video.
  3. Mute and Unmute:
    1. Zoom is made to showcase the speaker, so if someone is talking unmuted, it will override the performer.
    2. Please mute your mic in the bottom left hand corner upon entering.
    3. We ask all guests and students to be muted for the duration of the event.
    4. Be ready to unmute when time to perform and immediately mute again when completed.
  4. We may have a chat box open. If you are on computer, you may tell us if you have any problems as we may be able to correct as we are doing the event.
  5. Do not use fancy microphones for their introduction and performance, as it may hinder your audio
  6. When filming, giving a good close view of the performance, not across the room.
  7. Be aware of background of the video
    1. Have a well-lit room but not lights behind the student. … do not point towards a window as all we see is a glare
    2. Be aware of background noises as Zoom Audio is very tricky and other household sounds will drown out the performance
  8. Performance Tips:
    1. Do not perform with a metronome
    2. Parents/Partners do not give instructions during their presentation. Since you are holding the filming device your words are heard above the performance.
    3. Introduce yourself seated at your instrument but turn to face the camera.
    4. Speak clearly and slowly.
    5. Do not stand to bow at the end
    6. Between now and your recital, cold play your song.
  9. Attire- you may dress up, or not.
    1. Some families make a big deal of the event (and it is big) and have guests and receptions set up in your home.
    2. That is a wonderful idea! However, be certain that all devices are turned off!
  10. Make trial videos to see how it looks and sounds… do mock recitals with friends and record it to see how it comes through
  11. Guests
    1. You may invite as many Zoom guests as desired to the recital.
    2. Each guest name must be sent to by noon the day of the event. We do NOT need their email address or other contact info.
    3. When your guest enters the meeting room, we will match their name against the approved guest list before admission.
    4. Everyone must show their face on camera. This is a safety feature and required.
    5. Anyone who desires to log on who may not have video on their device, will be permitted IF you let us know that when you add them to the guest list. This is a safety precaution to make sure only invited guests are viewing the event.

Let’s Have Fun and Do Our Best!