Virtual Preschool Program

Our exciting Preschool On-Line Learning Music Program permits children to do music class at home, or wherever they are!  Your preschooler will love these music lessons!

This is a complete musical package for your children including video and audio formats.  The materials include Rhymes and Rhythms Book, Rhymes and Rhythms CD, and associated coloring sheets.

The virtual lessons are fun and fast-paced, entertaining and beneficial!  Your child will fall in love with them, and be entertained  for hours as they watch them over and over.  Each lesson includes puppets, singing, and rhythm instruments.  The piano/keyboard activities brings all the benefits of active participation musical classes into your home. The benefits of piano-based music lessons last a lifetime!

Set-Up Fee includes your first month’s tuition and materials shipped to your home!

$69.95!  Start today!

Only $25.00 a Month!

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Book it Now Package $69.95 Includes:

  • Set Up Fee
  • Rhymes and Rhythms Book: Contains the lyrics of the songs on the CD.
  • Rhymes and Rhythms CD DownLoad Card: Contains 65 minutes with children’s voices, the best of Early Childhood Music, with split track for Karaoke style singing.  The download card is all set for you to download the songs to your devices, IPADS, phones etc.
  • Access to 24 Reproducible Coloring HomePlay Sheets for each quarter.  You may print them out as desired as many times as you like.
  • Shipping and Sales Taxes: We cover your initial shipping cost within the USA Continental shipping and Alabama Sales Taxes when applicable. We ship internationally for an additional fee. Check with the office for more information.
  • Recurring Tuition: Your first month’s tuition of $25 is included in your Book it Now package.  Thereafter, monthly tuition will be charged to your account the same date every month.
How it Works

Book It Now! 

When you enroll, three things happen:

1.  A username and passcode will be emailed to you automatically giving you immediate access to your first lesson.

2.  Our team gets your materials on their way to your doorstep.

3.  You will be given access to 24 HomePlay coloring sheets in PDF format for you to print off as you desire.

  • Watching the Lessons:  Your lessons will be offered on this website.  We recommend that you play them on your largest device so the children interact with the lessons, not just watch them.  You may also play on their ipads in your home and while traveling; anywhere you have internet access.
  • Dripped Content:  
    • You will receive access to one lesson immediately.  One week later, another lesson will be available to you and then you will receive access to fresh lessons every two weeks with unlimited views, on-going.
    • Your child may watch them over and over and over.  This repetition is needed for them to learn the activities and concepts involved.
  • Important:  To maximize the benefits, we want your child to engage and participate, which involves active musical participation.  We recommend that you have rhythm instruments and a keyboard available to them so they can participate with the lessons, not just watch them.  Perfect Praise Music offers musical instrument packages.  Contact the office for more information.
  • Recurring Tuition:  Your account will be charged $25 the same day of each month for recurring tuition.
  • Withdrawing:  You may withdraw at any time, by emailing a notice to our office:  One month advance notice is required, so basically you will make one more payment after you give notice.
Module Content

Modules takes a child through a year of musical fun with fresh videos being created monthly.

  • Module One: Seven active musical participation classes led by Mr. Michael Riggs with our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals, Suzie and Pedro.
  • Module Two: Seven active musical participation classes led by Mrs. Denie Riggs with our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals, Suzie and Pedro.
  • Module Three: Seven active musical participation classes led by Mr. Michael and Mrs. Denie, along with Suzie and Pedro, our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals.
  • Module Four:  Christmas Session!  (Available October 2018)
Our son LOVES this video program. It is the first thing he asks for every morning. He watches them over and over again.

We set up these videos on our child's IPAD. She takes it everywhere she goes and absolutely loves it!

Oh my gosh, this is a complete musical package for my child. She loves to color the coloring pages while she sings along with the CD or watches the videos. These songs are the best. We love this program.



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Virtual Preschool A complete piano-based program for your preschoolers. CD, Coloring Sheets, Virtual lessons, Puppets


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