Virtual Special Needs Music Program

VIRTUAL SPECIAL NEEDS MUSIC Virtual Special Needs Music Program

Your child’s doorway to music’s benefits from your home!

Can’t come to us?  We can come to you via our VIRTUAL special needs musical program.

What an incredible Music Helps Autism case study we witnessed the summer  2013 based on Mrs. Denie’s Music Helps Autism book.  And did they work quickly!   5 out of 7 non-verbal children, ranging in age from 4 to 11 years,  began saying new words within 4 weeks!  That is incredible!

The results were so incredible, that established a virtual classroom so that children can experience the same incredible enrichment from their home… no matter where they live.

Your child will love these music lessons! And the benefits of active participation, piano-based lessons may change their life forever!

The Benefits
  • Our virtual program is patterned after our Case Study 2013.  It was so incredible.  To really see the benefits of this program we recommend that you down load the full case study.
  • If you don’t have time to dig through that study, take it from us… the 8 week study changed the lives of 20 families who participated in it.
  • Everyone who participated, even minimally, gave wonderful accolades, as to how our 4 tiered music’s benefit program changed the lives of their children.
  • Fact:  the more that students interact with music, the greater the brain enrichment and benefits, permitting more engagement which in turn bring about more benefits.
The Structures

Four Levels of Module Lessons spans a year’s time.

  • All you need to do our virtual program is the internet and some time!  (A keyboard or piano is recommended but not required.)
  • Our Piano-based musical program will enrich your child’s brain while they have fun engaging with the fun, active participation musical lessons.
  • On-going Format at only $35 per month!
  • Every three months a new Module of video lessons will be opened up to you, and new lesson plans will be available for download (at no additional charge).
  • Auto Renewable Monthly Account with Visa, MasterCard or Discover
  • Termination Notice:  Your account will auto-renew in an on-going format with one-month advance, written notice required.
The Curriculum

  Music Helps Autism Module 1 Package Includes: 

  • Music Helps Autism Book by Denie Riggs
  • Music4Me Lyrics book
  • Music4Me CD containing the best of Early Childhood Music, with split track for Karaoke style singing
  • Listening Therapy CD
  • Parent Home Play Guide gives you the ability to do the exact same activities as the children in the case study
  • Hand Rhythm instruments may be ordered separately.  Contact Perfect Praise for a listing.
The Fees

The start-up cost:  $145.00

  • We make it extremely easy for you to enroll in our program.  Our all inclusive start up fee $145.00 includes:
    • Module One’s curriculum package listed above
    • Sales taxes and shipping included within the continental USA.  We ship internationally and fees vary by location.
    • All set-up and administrative costs are covered
    • Your first month’s tuition is included.  Required on-going recurring monthly fee of $35
    • We accept PayPal so even international students find it easy to do our program.

Sign Up Now!

We live in a country in S. America and my son with autism was able to do these lessons abroad.  Nothing like this is available in our area.  We are so blessed to have found you!

My child loved coming to music class, but we found that he got so much more out of the virtual lessons, as he was in the comfort of our home.  The studio lessons enabled socializing, and the virtual lessons enabled participation.  This program worked for us! 

My daughter did the in-studio Module Three lessons and then due to scheduling difficulties, we changed to the Module 3 Virtual lessons.  She is thriving at the piano.

My daughter with autism loves the puppets and they keep her attention.  Good job Perfect Praise!

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