Kids N Keys On-Line Learning Program

Now you can do our incredible Kids N Keys curriculum with On-Line Learning  VIRTUALLY, from anywhere in the world!

Note:  Our virtual Kids N Keys classroom closely follows our In-Studio program.  So if you are not familiar with our Kids N Keys program, check it out before you pursue our virtual program.

You have two virtual options: On-Line Private Lessons or On-Line Assisted Lessons.  Both virtual options enable interaction with a professional teacher including mastery and proficiency,  so your child will learn correctly from the very first lesson.   The main difference between the two options is the amount of time that you spend with our teaching staff.

Assisted On-Line Learning Course
  • On-Line Learning Lessons:  Each week, you watch and participate with the KNK weekly on-line lesson from this website.
  • Proficiency by Video:  A parent or overseer facilitates the lessons and uploads a mini video of your child performing when the HomePlay forms calls for a SOLO.
  • Flashcards and Quizzes: monitor a student’s progress interactively.
  • Teacher Critique: Your teacher will interact with you by text or email creating mastery and interactive proficiency, enabling your child to learn correctly right from the very first lesson.
  • Material Fees:  The material fees vary by level and are structured the same as our in-house program.  Shipping fees vary by location.
  • Monthly Tuition is $65.00 and requires a 4-5 month session commitment, varying by the level of study.
  • Individual Instruction can be gained by Face Time lessons or in-studio private tutoring at $25 per lesson.
  • Drop-In Visits:  Those who live locally can visit the classroom at any time for an additional $5 drop-in tuition.
  • Inclusion in Events:  Performing skill being so important, we strongly advise on-line students to perform with our in-studio students at our seasonal events and Performance Parties.  (Event Fees apply)
  • Support:  With this program, your teacher is just an email away if you have questions, but there is no weekly face time with our staff, so the cost is considerably less than private instruction.  If you sign up for Assisted and feel that you need more support you may always move up to Private structures.  See below.
  • Customized Packages:  We also offer a customized combination package that may include one Face Time lesson and 3 virtual lessons each month/A Face Time every other week etc.  Let us know your needs.

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Private On-Line Course

Our virtual private lesson instruction is modeled after our in-studio programs, except it is virtual.  You are booking studio time, and we are reserving your class time just like you are walking into our physical location.

How it Works: 

  • Once you enroll, we ship ship the materials to you and assign your Kids N Keys teacher, based on our availability and your schedule.
  • When everything is in place, we set the start date, and your session begins.  And so does the fun!
  • Weekly, you watch and participate with the Kids N Keys On-Line Learning Course.
  • At the same time each week, you meet with your teacher, virtually for 15 minutes, to go over the HomePlay assignment for that week’s lesson.
  • This structures is just like you stepped into our studio, except the lessons would take place by FaceTime, Go-To-Meeting, Skype, Tango or by other means.
  • This lesson type requires a parent or guardian to be present with the child during lesson time to operate the device or camera.
  • Note:  Your teacher has set aside this time to meet with you. For this reason there are no make-up lessons or refunds for lessons cancelled, or missed by you.  If for some reason we are unable to hold class, we will of course, credit back or reschedule that lesson.

Structure and Fees:

  • Private 15-20 minute lesson once per week by FaceTime, Go-to-Meeting or other technology
  • Session Commitment: Our Kids N Keys program requires a session commitment, usually 4-5 months depending on level of study.
  • Private Tuition:  $25.00 per lesson ($100 month) in a Session Commitment (varies by KNK Level, usually 4-5 months).
  • Material Fees:  The material fees vary by Level and are structured the same as our in-house program.
  • Inclusion in Events: For those who live close or would like to come in, you would be invited to participate in our seasonal events.  (Performance fees apply and vary by event.)
  • Sales Taxes and Shipping: Huntsville AL sales taxes (where applicable) and shipping fees (vary by location), are not included.

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My child began locally with Kids N Keys, but mid-way we had to move away. It was so much fun to continue to keep his music class going virtually and he was able to graduate with his friends.  This has been the most wonderful experience. Thank you Perfect Praise!

My children attended Early Childhood Music when they were very young. When we moved away, we were unable to find anything like it in our area. We are so glad to be back ... with the on-line learning program this time!

Mrs. Johnson
I am so glad I found this on-line piano program. It has solved scheduling issues as well as being very cost effective. Thank you for offering it for my kiddos!




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