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Parent Pages

Every lesson we have Partner Pages to give the Caregivers (we call you Partners) the tools and training necessary to support your Learner. In the actual Partner Pages you will receive Downloadable/Printable songs, HomePlay Assignment Sheets, and Audio Files needed for that lesson.

In the Sample Lesson, we have created a few Parent Pages to give some basic information and a Coupon Code to save you money, just for checking us out!

Welcome to Perfect Praise Music.  We have been teaching Piano Lessons for decades with wonderful results, no matter the age of the student with our non-traditional piano-based curriculum. We also have been offering Online Learning Piano Lessons for about 5 years, but we have a BRAND NEW Online Learning Piano Course that blows our other Courses out of the water.

We have released the first lesson as a Sample Course for you to try out! You are on it right now! 

This Sample Course contains all the lesson features for the Learner for Lesson 1.  The Partner Pages, Getting Started Guide and other Partner features will become available on the full course after purchase.  

The Daily HomePlay with Piano Teacher Add-on includes:music for autism

  • A Real Piano Teacher Add-On Option - If you'd like, a piano teacher from our Perfect Praise staff will give weekly critique, encouragement and accountability by email in response to your submissions. Or not... as you please! 

  • Downloadable/Printable Curriculum- You may print off before each lesson or before the start of the Course.

  • Downloadable Audio Files- Once you enroll, you will be issued a Download Card to put all of the audio files on your favorite devices.  This enables a virtual experience no matter where you live in the world. 

  • A Getting Started Guide and weekly Partner Pages- will inform you on what to do at home to support your child’s activities that week.

  • A Weekly Lesson-  There are actually two courses contained in this Course, our original series (that we now call the Weekly Course) and our new Course (which we refer to as the Daily HomePlay Course). We provide both as they fit different learning styles and schedules.  

  • Theory Games- We all enjoy games, and what better way to learn than to play music theory games. Our games reinforce the concepts being studied in the Lessons and can be played over and over. 

  • 6-8 Mini Teaching Segments- Each day's HomePlay (5 days a week) includes 6-8 daily mini teaching videos that are varied, fun and informative.

  • Ear Training- Ear training is the ability to hear, sing and match pitch, a vital need of good musicians. It is built into our Online Learning Course.

  • Composing- Students will compose their own songs, guided step-by-step.

  • Performing Skills- Students will learn How to Memorize their Favorite Song, How to Perform on Stage, How to Introduce Yourself and more.

Results- Your child learns to play the piano, with all the wonderful academic benefits of engaging in the daily HomePlay activities carefully structured for them!  And it's FUN!

We have prepared a Getting Started Guide to inform you about your home instrument. This document will be available to you after purchase, however, you may have some questions before you purchase the program.  

First, you will want an instrument in your home for your child to engage with daily.  Remember: the more engagement, the greater the brain function enhancement achieved, which is our goal. 

Now, the ultimate practice instrument for piano lessons is a piano (digital or acoustic) or a keyboard station, but you don't need all of that to get the benefits provided by the piano. We have ideas and tips to help you set up a Keyboard Station affordably. 

Help Desk:

We have a Help Desk to assist you with any types of technical assistance.  Email