The Zoe Story

Mrs. Denie Riggs has taught piano lessons to individuals with all types of mental and physical handicaps her entire life. Those include blind students, those with Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s, those missing limbs and now autism. As autism has increased through recent years, she witnessed the fact that children with autism thrived on her preschool piano-based music curriculum that she authored.

Music Helps Autism

As her students with autism began to engage with the piano, it changes their brain, permitting more engagement which brings about more and more musical and non-musical benefits.

Armed with what she was witnessing and the fact that no-one else was talking about piano benefits for children with autism, she was moved to write and published a book “Music Helps Autism” in April 2013.

This book is available through our office and on Amazon. It is a must-read for families who have received “the” diagnosis.  It will give you help, hope and joy to understand that the diagnosis is not permanent. There is hope!

The sooner you start engagement with the piano, the better for your child’s brain!