The Zoe Name

Zoe- God’s Kind of Life

The Zoe Name:  After the case study, Denie felt that she needed to provide a “center” to coordinate off-the-beaten-path remedies to autism and to give hope to families who were struggling for answers. One night, a few months later, she and her husband Michael were brainstorming the name of this “center” while at supper.  After they left the restaurant in separate cars, Denie prayed aloud asking the Father what He would call this center for music and the brain.

Immediately the “Zoe Life Center” came to her mind. Now that phrase was so far removed from her thinking that Denie knew she had heard from the Lord. She knew that “Zoe” was in the Bible somewhere, but was unaware of its meaning, so upon arriving home, she immediately got her Bible concordance and looked it up.

Here is the verse that Denie found that night:

“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy: I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance.” (“Zoe” Greek concordance number 2222)  John 10:10

 Zoe is the Greek word for God’s kind of life in the New Testament; it is used 133 times. It’s abundant life. The Blue Letter Bible concordance defines it as animated life.

Armed with God’s name for her “center” Denie began to lay the foundation on paper. She envisioned seven centers of help for persons with special needs. She sought the URL “” but it was not available.

While awaiting direction from the Lord, Denie’s vision lay dormant for a few years. Denie was confident that if it was to be, and that Father would bring it to pass when the time was right. She gained lots of confidence in the fact that God had given her the name, so He would not let it drop. It would happen in His timing.