The Logo

It’s Time: Fast Forward Four Years:  In March 2018, Denie woke up one morning and announced to her husband-business partner, Michael, that it is time to move forward with the Zoe Life Center. He asked, “What does that mean?”

She answered, “I don’t know. I just feel it’s time.”

The URL: She did some research that day and the URL “” was now available and she secured it.

That week, 6 families enquired regarding lessons at their music school, where they teach music from babies to adult seniors in piano and guitar. ALL SIX inquiring students had severe autism.

One of those families has a three-year-old, non-verbal daughter, with severe autism.  Her mom expressed frustration at what she was experiencing as she sought help.  This little girl has sleep issues and the doctor had given her a medication to help her sleep. When it didn’t work, they gave her another med, then yet another.  So, she is on three meds to induce sleep and is still not sleeping. Then she was put on a fourth drug during the day to calm her down. Denie asked her if she had considered allergy testing or nutritional counseling. She said no.  Then the mom started to cry and said, “There is nowhere to go for answers or help.” This was the “Ah-ha” moment. Denie knew that the Zoe Life Center HAD to move forward. Too many families need what God had placed in our hands.

The Logo: Later that week, Matt, our IT guy, emailed Denie stating that he had designed a new logo for Perfect Praise, Inc. and wanted to see what we thought.  This logo was totally unsolicited and out of the blue.

The logo contains a tree (worshipping person) surrounded by circles.

SEVEN circles.  The Zoe Life Center