The Key of David

One of the most fascinating things to me about the Tabernacle of David is the “Key of David”. God gave David a key that would unlock ANYTHING he needed in order to accomplish God’s purpose in his kingdom in Israel.

In fact, this is exactly what Jesus promised us in Matthew 16:19 when He said “… I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.” Jesus gave us access to WHATEVER we need to accomplish God’s Kingdom’s purpose here on Earth. Wow!

Keys, of course, evoke images of doors opening and shutting. The Key of David is unique, though. In this case, doors we need to go through will open and doors we’re not to go through will shut. Furthermore, no one can shut what God has opened for us. Likewise, no one can open what God has shut.

For decades this principle has been a safeguard for me in determining the will of God. Such is the intended purpose of the teaching in Isaiah 22:22, where the Key of David concept is first mentioned. And again, in Revelation 3:7 & 8, which reiterates the purpose of the Key of David.

Imagine having a key in your hand from God Himself, that would unlock any door you need unlocked and would give you access to anything you need from Him to do His work. Imagine that the key would only open doors God wanted you to go through. David had such a key. And, according to Revelation 3:7 & 8, so did the group called the “Church of Philadelphia”.

God loved the ways that David made himself vulnerable as he pursued God’s heart in worship. God loved the fact that David, through great personal sacrifice, found the source of the presence of God and established it in Jerusalem through the tabernacle. David drew God’s presence down and provide a place where God could be sought after 24/7.

God, who has all foreknowledge, foresaw David doing this, and orchestrated David’s very name to reflect the fact that God was going to give him a key. David’s name in Hebrew is spelled ‘dalet vav dalet’. ‘Dalet’ is a Hebrew letter that implies or means door. The Hebrew letter ‘vav’, though it is not specifically used to mean key, could look like a key (actually more like a pick for a lock). And its meaning does represent something secure. When I see or think of the name David in its Hebrew spelling, I see “door key door”—’dalet vav dalet’. That’s fascinating to me! It is as though God chose David’s name to paint a picture of what He was going to fulfill in his life. ‘Door key door’ (David) received from God a key to open the door to whatever David needed to accomplish God’s purpose for him.

The Key of David is not just an extraordinarily intriguing concept. It is something very real that the body of Christ needs to seek to establish the Kingdom of God in the earth. It is something that Jesus surely possessed—the ability to ask for and receive whatever He needed to do the Father’s will. And it is something that God is ready to give to us for that same purpose—indeed He has given it to us! May the key of David be a tool in your hand to unlock all God wants you to have access to.

~Michael David Riggs

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