Let’s Review the Book with Mrs. Denie- need fa boogie video 8:08 or 8:18

Perfect Praise Music

It’s review day, so get your keyboard ready to review the book with Mrs. Denie.  She will count you in.


Page 25- This Little Light of Mine – (Singing solfege)


Page 27- Beach Ball Boogie  (Singing solfege)


Page 29-30  It’s Fall (Singing words)


Page 33 Hickory Dickory Dock (Singing solfege)


Page 34-35 Jesus is a Friend (Singing words)


Page 39 C Position Warm-Up.  (Singing Solfege)

 Page 40 Fa Boogie (Singing Solfege)

need fa boogie video 8:08 or 8:18

Page 42 It’s Music Time (Singing Solfege)