Worship Conference

Understanding the Tabernacle of David- a Tabernacle of Praise

Early one morning in 2004, Mrs. Denie Riggs was operating the school while writing our prenatal curriculum.  Michael and Denie were preparing to go to Barbados to celebrate their wedding anniversary, to write, rest and to speak to a group who were interested in starting an Early Childhood Music program there.

That morning, as she was folding clothes, she heard, “Go read Psalm 8”  whispered in her ears.  She immediately responded and found in Psalm 8:2.  “Out of the mouth of babes and unweaned infants, You have Perfected Praise.”

This day was a life changer for their entire program.

Up to this point, their corporate name had been, ‘Muscle Shoals Music Academy Inc.’   After this day, they changed their corporate name to “Perfect Praise, Inc.” which much more reflected their international vision and this new insight.

As they moved forward, they felt that they had been called  to prepare very young worshippers who would change the world with their music.

Michael Riggs travels internationally speaking about this assignment upon them, Biblically supporting each concept in life-changing, enlightening seminars.minar is planned locally in Huntsville Al.   with the date to be set.  Contact the office for more information!

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