Online Piano Lessons for Kids ~ Sample Activities

We want you to click around on our sample activities.  Upload a picture to us to try out our Upload Form.  Meet our Perfect Praise Teachers, Michael and Denie Riggs, and our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals who bring music class to you every day for the next 16 weeks.  We cannot wait to get started!

Michael and Denie Riggs serve as the teachers throughout this Level 1 course. Let's meet them now.

Pointing and chanting the note names, apart from playing the song, enables note reading. Weekly segments demonstrate how to do that, then the Learner does it with their Partner.

Practice at a keyboard or piano is necessary to learn to play the piano.

  • The daily lessons include demonstration and then the Learner practices with their Partner.

  • Recommended practice is 3 repetitions on each song 5 days a week.

  • For our Kids N Keys Level 1 study that will take between 7 and 12 minutes. 

Our Perfect Praise Piano Program is a Christian program.

We teach about worship and praise, both with teaching time and with our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals. 

Let's learn with Mr. Michael.

Everything is more fun when you play a game. Games are included in the daily HomePlay.

Let's play another game! Fill in the blank! 

Let's play another game! 

Let's play another game!  Click on each time to match with another one just like it!