Rhymes and Rhythms Curriculum

Our Rhymes and Rhythms curriculum for young children is the best of Early Childhood Music~ Give Them the Best Start. 

This curriculum is the foundation for our Toddler Music classes of Early Childhood Music. The book contains the lyrics for 39 of our most popular Early Childhood Music songs. The audio tracks are available on your favorite streaming device.

A combination of traditional and original melodies that your family will love.

Rhymes and Rhythms CD

The Power of Early Music!

by Mrs. Denie Riggs

Music is power. Music has power in your life and mine, but not as great as in the life of your baby and toddler.

Very young children have neural synapses in their brain, seeking paths to wire.  Research indicates that nothing enhances the advanced wiring in a child’s brain like active participation with MUSIC!!!

Active musical participation changes everything about your toddler’s development.  When your toddler engages with musical activities, all parts of their brain are engaged. The resulting stimulation actually wires their brains differently creating enriched development which remains for the rest of their life.

Some of the benefits include enhanced reasoning skills (required for chess and engineering), enhanced academics especially in the areas of math, reading and science which lend toward better chances for academic scholarships. Enhanced physical coordination is also an amazing benefit, as well as enhanced social interaction and confidence. The benefit list goes on and on with each benefit being amazing and life changing.

Here are some other things you might want to know:

Natural Rhythm: Natural rhythm, the ability to feel the beat and move to music, is a God-given gift every person possesses at birth. This attribute is developed by exposure to rhythmic activities during childhood.  Around ages 6-7, this natural rhythm window closes and it is very difficult for an older person to feel the beat.

Ear-Training: Children exposed to singing and matching pitch very early have good ear training for the rest of their life. Children not surrounded in a musical environment in their early preschool years, may become tone-deaf (unable to hear, sing and match pitch).

Active Participation: Music research studies indicate that active involvement with music wires a child’s sensory system, resulting in enhanced language, communication and perceptual skills. Active participation includes thumping, clapping tapping, beating with egg shakers, maracas, drums, etc.

Christian Worship: It is well known and documented that what you expose a child to in their early years will remain with them forever. We have been teaching toddlers and preschoolers to be worshipping musicians for years; and we have taught thousands of them!

Our program was established on Psalm 8:2, which Jesus quoted as saying “Out of the mouth of babes and un-weaned infants, You have perfected praise! (Matthew 21: 16)”. The remainder of Psalm 8 has to do with living in authority. What a foundation for your child!

The Research:

Researchers indicate that babies are enhanced by active participation musical activities beyond any other activity they can be involved in. The enhanced wiring developed by participation in active musical participation lasts for the rest of their life!

The Rhymes and Rhythms audio tracks contain the best of Early Childhood Music ~ Give Them the Best Start.  It was recorded with children’s voices and has been linked with many children breaking forth into language by starting to sing along.  The songs are catchy and get in your head… and that of your toddler and preschool child.  65 minutes of amazingly fun songs for children!

Purchase Info: 

  • The Rhymes and Rhythms Book contain the lyrics for the 39 songs on the CD.The Rhymes and Rhythms book retails for $10.00 plus $ 6 shipping.
  • Orders are usually shipped on Friday.


Carol: My four-year old son was speech delayed but began singing along with the songs after a few weeks of listening to it.  He then quickly broke through into full language.  I am so grateful for this CD (audio tracks).  It has changed our world!

Mary: I would recommend this curriculum for your family.   The songs are fun, catchy and my children continually request to hear it in the car.

John: My children love this curriculum.  I love it too!  I find myself humming to some of the fun songs during the day.  They lift my spirits!