Worship Mentoring Program


Worship Mentoring Program for Musicians

Following our mandate to “train musicians for ministry”, we are launching  our Spring Worship Mentoring Program. (See details below)

We will contact you after sign-up to begin to customize a program structure to maximize the course for you. 

$30 saves your space. (Current students will have the funds applied towards your session tuition, applied in-house.)

Booking our Spring Session now!  Starts week of March 9. 2020

Limited Availability!



Worship Mentoring for Musicians

with Perfect Praise Music

Since 1996, when we incorporated Perfect Praise Music, our heartbeat has been to “train musicians for ministry.” We have worked individually with students on piano and guitar to fulfil that mission. Some of those students are leaders in some of the top ministries across the United States. Others are just equipped to worship the Lord in their private lives.

Either way, worship is our ultimate calling. It’s YOURS too.


We are expanding what we have been doing in private lessons, by launching a totally customized Worship Mentoring Program for children.

(And adults, but their information is separate.  Contact Mrs. Denie for information.)

Here are the Basic Specifics:

  • An Eight Lesson Course- During this six week span, you will receive 8 lessons and two live worship opportunities.
  • This session will start the week of March 9th ending week of April 24 at Open Mic Worship Event.  See schedule below.
  • Prerequisites: For students proficient on the piano or guitar to Level 5 Kids N Keys or beyond. Contact Mrs. Denie for questions.
  • The lessons will be a combination of 20-30 private sessions (piano/guitar/voice) group hour sessions and two Open Mic Worship Events
  • Participants may be existing students at our school, graduates or new to Perfect Praise Music
  • New!  We are adding voice instruction to our Worship Mentoring with Mrs. Roxanne Fields!  How exciting. You will receive one private voice lesson and one group voice lesson as part of your worship mentoring training.
  • Students will be mentored with basic music theory, performing chord progressions and playing ad lib to songs on their instrument
  • Individual mentoring will cumulate to include performing with a band or small group in worship, the ultimate training with two live working experience opportunities.

Here are the Schedule Specifics:

  • Our Spring Session will run from Week of March 9 – Week of April 24th.
  • The end-of-session event will be Open Mic Worship at our studio on April 24th, 6:oo p.m.
  • One Hour Group Mentoring Lessons- Monday evenings at 6:45 p.m.
  • Private Lesson Schedules- will be scheduled on a one-on-one basis
  • Limited class size

The Financial Specifics for Current Students:

  • The Worship Mentoring Program is in addition to your existing lessons at Perfect Praise Music
  • The Worship Mentoring Program tuition for existing students is a $100 add-on to your current lesson fees- can be divided out into two month’s payment. You may book it with this link and pay the additional through the office.
  • New! Our Piano Improv for Kids Book by Denie is going to be our standard curriculum for our Worship Mentoring Courses, and a Worship Binder to keep all your goodies in.  Since we have just now added these materials, they are required by everyone this session $15.00 (includes both items and we will pay the sales tax)
  • New!  We are adding voice instruction to our Worship Mentoring!  How exciting. You will receive one private voice lesson and one group voice lesson as part of your training.
  • You are responsible for payment, even if you do not attend lessons, as other are excluded

The Financial Specifics for New or Returning Students:

  • If not an active student at Perfect Praise Music, your tuition will be $175 for the 8 Lesson Session  plus the $15 material fee.
  • The $30 application fee holds your space and counts against the total fees due.  You may break the balance out into two monthly payments, or pay full session up front by check, cash or credit/debit.  (Student Accounts will work with you after booking. )
  • Prerequisites exist.  Contact Mrs. Denie for an evaluation appointment (before booking) if you are new to Perfect Praise Music.
  • You are responsible for payment, even if you do not attend lessons, as other are excluded

Proposed Schedule:



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