Special Needs Music Class ~ Ages 3 to 12 years


Special Needs Music Classes – Putting the Power of the Piano to work! the power of music in special needs music class

Application Fee:  $30 required up front to hold your space.  Your material fee and monthly tuition will be charged out through the office based on start date.

Material Fee:  We customize a material pack for your child, and they may range between $80 and $100 plus tax

Monthly Tuition:  $65  monthly

Weekly Lesson:  30 minutes

Class Specifics:  We apologize, but during our current time of Covid-19 and social distancing, we are not offering our in-studio option for this class type.  Please contact the office for a waiting list for when we once again return this class type. We encourage you to check on the Online Learning Course with Zoom weekly classes. 




Special Needs Music Class Releases Healing ~ Ages 3 to 12 years

Where the Power of Music and the Power of the Piano transforms lives!


We constantly witness the power of music to release healing in our children with special needs.

Music has incredible power to heal our brains and our bodies.  When we begin to engage with specific types of music, our brains begin to change, permitting more engagement.  Couple that with the fact that the piano is the number one activities for brain function enhancement, no matter your age or circumstance, then we have the power of music that can transform lives.

We, at Perfect Praise Music, have witnessed that transformation first hand.  Every child who completed the activities in our Music and Autism Case Study in 2013 experienced amazing breakthrough in some area of their lives … life-changing areas.  There is hope as your child engages with the Power of Music and the Power of the Piano!

Our Music4Me classes are partner-attended lesson in 30 minute weekly sessions.  Taught by Mr. Michael Riggs

Our Music Helps Autism Book, Listening Therapy CD and Video lessons are included in this program, giving your child the same activities as used in our amazing Music Helps Autism Case Study (2013).

Application Fee:  $30 required up front to hold your space.  Your material fee and tuition will be charge directly through the office based on your start date.

Material Fee:  $100  For this fee you receive a colorful tote bag, a staff whiteboard kit (staff board, marker and eraser or magnetic board) Music4Me Book and Music4Me CD, Listening Therapy CD, two egg shakers, two maracas and two rhythm sticks.  Also included is Mrs. Denie’s Music Helps Autism Book, the foundation for this class.

Monthly Tuition:  $65 monthly  in an on-going session, requiring one month advance written notice of termination required.

Weekly Lesson:  30 minutes


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