Online Piano Course with Accountability Classes


Online Learning Piano Course for Kids

Option #4

Proficiency with Accountability Lessons at your School

You will receive: 

  1. Online Learning Course- student specific for your level of study
  2. Downloadable/Printable Curriculum
  3. Proficiency in Accountability Lesson
  4. Year end awards for achievement
  5. Game Course Booking Bonus

Note: Returning students may qualify for discounted Sign-Up Fee.  See below for details before enrolling.

Required for this Course: Upgrade for Student Book and Flashcards (available at checkout)

Monthly tuition is $79 recurring for the school year. 

We are excitedly looking forward to a wonderful school year! Welcome to our Perfect Praise Music student body!


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Online Piano Program for Kids

Accountability Classes at Your School 

and PEPPP Club

Piano Proficiency Programs

We know that Accountability and Proficiency are important aspects for a successful online learning course of any kind. So we include both of those structures with our Proficiency Programwith LIVE Piano Teachers!

When you sign up for a Proficiency Program, our Teachers will interact with you weekly for your child’s proficiency at the piano. We also offer rewards, goal-setting and performance guidance creating a wonderful, excelling musician.

  • Online Learning Piano Course: This program’s structures enable daily activities laid out step-by-step for your Learner.  It contains 80 lessons each semester; age-appropriate lessons that are engaging, fun and informative. Your child will work their way through the self-paced lessons at home of five recommended lessons each week. This Online Learning Piano Course usually retails for $348 per Level.  Check out the Sample Activities.


  • Proficiency in an Accountability Class: With Option #4, your Learner will attend an Accountability Class after school. At this lesson, they will perform their assignment for their Piano Teacher in person, replacing the need for the Upload Portal.
  • In-person Accountability: Due to Covid-19, our Accountability Class will be Come N Go Schedule, with students only performing the Solos required on their HomePlay sheets, viewing their HomePlay reward sheets and worksheets. Limited class size. First come-first serve for availability
  • Teacher Interaction: Our Piano Teacher engages with parents on your child’s HomePlay notebook regarding their assignment, critiquing any areas that your student needs more attention.
  • Individual Proficiency: With Option #4, we track your child’s practice and proficiency for each activity, every week.
  • Recitals: We will work with your student to prepare for stage presence for  Spring recitals (when applicable), including providing fresh, downloadable/printable music copies when appropriate.
  • Achievement Awards: Because we can track their proficiency and achievements, we honor the Learner’s efforts with year-end rewards, medals, and trophies.
  • Materials: For this option hard-copy curriculum is required and must be presented at each weekly class
  • PLUS:  These other PEPPP Club structures are included with this Proficiency Class:
    • Game Courses: Level appropriate study through Levels 1, 2, 3
    • Zoom Meetings: Offered periodically

Proficiency in Accountability Lesson


  • Sign-Up Fees: $45 Application fee. Every student is charged an annual sign-up fee. However, if you took lessons with Perfect Praise Music last school year through May 2020, we are discounting your sign-up fee to $15 and if you are currently taking lessons through July 2020, we are waving the sign-up fee. Please email Mrs. Koleta Mitchell in the PPM office for your discount code before checking out.
  • Recurring Tuition: $79 month* recurring tuition, running the full school year, August through May 2021
    • All you have to do is Add to Cart and check out.
    • You will gain immediate access to the Level 1 Online Learning Piano Course for Kids, complete with Getting Started Guide and Partner Pages.
    • We will contact you to establish your Teacher and start the fun. We are excitedly looking forward to a wonderful school year!
    • If you prefer, we offer Private Lessons via FaceTime and Zoom and may also in person at your school.
  • Hard Copy Materials: For this option, a required upgrade to hard copy KNK Book and Flashcards is available at checkout
  • Scheduling and Other Specifics: Your school will handle scheduling options.
*Note: These discounted structures and fees are offered because of our partnering with private schools; they are not transferable, nor available at any other Perfect Praise Music location.

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