Daily Online Learning Course with PEPPP Club


Welcome to Private School Option #2 with PEPPP Club

You will receive:

  1. Our NEW! Online Learning Piano Course Level 1 with daily activities (It’s amazing!)
  2. PEPPP Zoom Meetings
  3. KNK Game Course
  4. (No Proficiency included in this Option)

Note: If you completed a school music program May 2020 with Perfect Praise Music, see below for possible Sign-up discount code before checking out.

See more specifics below, including a Sample Lesson!

Monthly recurring tuition of $39 with school year commitment. 

Welcome to our Perfect Praise Musical Family!



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Online Learning Piano Course for Kids


Parents Encouraging Practice, Proficiency and Performance

the power of music in special needs music class

Option 2 with PEPPP Club is $39 month*

Perfect Praise Music has developed an amazing Daily HomePlay Online Piano Course with Student-Specific Study 

Try the Online Learning Course Sample Lesson! 



  • Online Learning Piano Course: This program’s structures enable daily activities laid out step-by-step for your Learner.  It contains 80 lessons each semester; age-appropriate lessons that are engaging, fun and informative. Your child will work their way through the self-paced lessons at home of five recommended lessons each week. This Online Learning Piano Course usually retails for $348 per Level.
  • Plus! You will also receive all the Benefits of PEPPP Club:
    • Weekly Piano Video Lesson Series (for when you just don’t have time for daily activities)
    • Game Course Bonus
    • PEPPP Club Zoom Meetings
  • Sign-Up Fee: $47.50 includes a $30 App fee and the downloadable/printable materials. Every student is charged an annual sign-up fee however: 
    • If you took lessons with Perfect Praise Music last school year through May 2020, we are discounting your charge to $15.
    • If you are currently taking lessons through July 2020, we are waving the sign-up fee.
    • If these apply to you, please email Mrs. Koleta Mitchell in the office for a discount code before checking out.
  • Recurring Tuition: $39 month* recurring tuition, running the full school year, August through May 2021, with the first payment due August 2020.
  • Remember, Teacher proficiency is NOT included at this level. Proficiency is offered in Option #3 and Option #4 and in virtual and in-school Private Lessons
*Note: These discounted structures and fees are offered because of our partnering with your private school. Structures are not transferable, nor available at this price at any other Perfect Praise Music location.

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