Daily Online Learning Piano Course for Kids ~ Option #2 (VFCA)


Welcome to our Option #2 for the Daily Online Learning Piano Course for Kids.

Parents Encouraging Practice Proficiency and Performance.(PEPPP)

You will receive:

  1. Our NEW! Online Learning Piano Course Level 1 with daily activities (It’s amazing!)
  2. Study and Curriculum Swap– We will work with you to swap out the Kids N Keys Level 1 curriculum and online Level 1 study to match your Learner’s piano abilities (for VFCA returning students only)
  3. PEPPP Zoom Meetings
  4. KNK Game Course

Note: If you completed a music program last year with Perfect Praise Music, see below for a possible Sign Up discount code before checking out.

$25.00 month tuition recurring for full school year.

Welcome to our Perfect Praise Musical Family!  Let’s Get Started! 



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Daily Online Learning Piano Course for Kids


Parents Encouraging Practice, Proficiency and Performance

the power of music in special needs music class

Option #2 is $25 month*

This Option #2 give access to our Daily HomePlay Online Piano Course with Student-Specific Study and Curriculum Swap

Try the Online Learning Course Sample Lesson! 


  • Online Learning Piano Course: This program’s structures enable daily activities laid out step-by-step for your Learner.  It contains 80 lessons each semester; age-appropriate lessons that are engaging, fun and informative. Your child will work their way through the self-paced lessons at home of five recommended lessons each week. This Online Learning Piano Course usually retails for $395 per Level.
  • Study and Curriculum Swap Program: Each year we study Level 1 Kids N Keys curriculum in the Fall and Level 2 Kids N Keys curriculum in the Spring. If your child is a returning VFCA student and has already mastered the study material for that semester, with Option #2 we will work with you to customize an online Study and Curriculum Swap for a more appropriate level for this school year.
  • To do a curriculum swap, your materials must be NEW. New Materials are swapped for other levels. If your materials are not new, you may use downloadable/printable curriculum for your next Level, available through the website, or upgrade to a hard copy through Perfect Praise Music. (Private Lessons and Accountability Lessons at VFCA require hard copy student books)
  • The Study and Curriculum Swap Program is available for mastered KNK study
  • Curriculum and Online Course Swaps are through Perfect Praise Music only, and is not available through VFCA
  • Plus! You will also receive all the Benefits of PEPPP Club:
    • Weekly Piano Video Lesson Series 
    • Game Course Bonus
    • PEPPP Club Zoom Meetings
  • Sign-Up Fee: $30 Every student is charged an annual sign-up fee.
    • If you took lessons with Perfect Praise Music last school year through May 2020, we are discounting your charge to $15.
    • If you are currently taking lessons through July 2020, we are waving the sign-up fee.
    • If these apply to you, please email Mrs. Koleta Mitchell in the office for your discount code before checking out.
  • Recurring Tuition: $25 month* recurring tuition, running the full school year, through May 2021.
  • Note: Proficiency is NOT included at this option. Individualized Proficiency is offered with Option #3, Option #4 and with Private Lessons.
*Note: These discounted structures and fees are offered because of our partnering with VFCA; they are not transferable, nor available at this price at any other Perfect Praise Music location.


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