Pre-Band Worship Experience ~ Recorder and Drumming


Monthly recurring tuition $39 will run from September through May.

A fun, interactive Worship Experience course taught on the recorder and with bucket drumming.

I understand that:

  • This is a full year course running from September through May
  • a $15 late declined fee if auto-payment is not working by 5th of the month
  • Material fees will be charged out September 1st and January 1st (see below)
  • Students will receive materials the first lesson of each semester


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Pre-Band: Recorder/Bucket Drum Worship Course

A Pre-Band Music Experience Course by Perfect Praise Music

Our Pre-Band Recorder/Drum Worship Experience course will study the rudiments of music with note reading, application and performance techniques on the recorder, rhythm instruments and bucket drumming added the second semester.


  • The Pre-Band Course is one semester of theory study as applied on the recorder, followed by one semester of Worship Experience with music theory applied on the recorder and with bucket drumming
  • Pre-Band Recorder class is the required prerequisite for the bucket drumming, as we will study music patterns, concepts and theory during the first semester
  • This is a full school term commitment, following the school’s calendar from September through May

Pre-Band Worship Course Curriculum and Materials: 

  • First Semester: $25 plus tax.  Students will receive curriculum their first lesson
    • Worship Recorder Curriculum by Perfect Praise Music
    • A Lauren Recorder purchased through Perfect Praise Music (We prefer no other brands to maintain unison sound)
    • Flashcards
  • Second Semester: $20 plus tax. Students will receive curriculum their first lesson second semester
    • Bucket Drum Curriculum
    • Bucket for home practice
    • Drum Sticks for lessons and home practice

Billing Structures:

  • Application Set Up Fee: $30
  • Auto-Billing Monthly: $39 monthly recurring tuition
  • Material Fee Totals: $25 plus tax first semester, and $20 plus tax 2nd semester
  • Declined Payment Fee: A $15 declined payment fee will be assessed for declined payments after the 5th of the month
  • Full Year: Full year advanced payment also accepted. Contact the office.