Kids N Keys ~Piano Lessons for Kids ~ Ages 5-8 years and beyond


Kids N Keys Level 1 

*The Pre Kids N Keys is a required prerequisite for children under 6 years.  Get that information here.

Application Fee:  $30  due up front to hold space in class. Material fee and monthly tuition will be charged out by the office directly, based on start date.

Material Fee:  $70 plus sales tax

Session Tuition: $85 monthly in session. Session Length: 4 months. Monthly payment or full payment up front option available.

Amazingly, our Kids N Keys in-studio program INCLUDES our Online Learning Piano Course, Zoom lessons and Teacher Proficiency via Upload Portal or in-studio. Also includes at-home Daily games, fun and more!

Fall 2022.  We are accepting applications for Tuesday 6:20, at our AB Stephens Music location (2828 Drake Avenue, Huntsville, AL)  Start date to be set when minimum class size is met.

Summer and Fall 2022:  We are currently conducting a Pre Kids N Keys class that will convert into Level 1 in September.  It is offered on Tuesday 4:45 with in-studio and Zoom Class with private accountability options. This class meets at AB Stephens Music 2828 Drake Avenue, Huntsville, AL.  At this date, (June 22, 2022) we have two available spots for fall 2022.

Contact the office for questions.  256-348-6634


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Piano Lessons for Kids ~ Kids N Keys

The Power of the Piano in Piano Lessons for Kids Ages 5 – 8 Years and Beyond!

The piano is the number one instrument for brain function enhancement.  That’s right.  When a child plays the piano and sings, every part of their brain “lights up!”  That enhancement changes the way their brain wires creating enhanced reasoning skills, enriched academics especially in the areas of math, reading and science.  This enhancement is not temporary; it lasts for the rest of their life! That’s the power of the piano in our Kids N Keys (KNK) piano lessons for kids.  Learn more about the Power of the Piano in this article by Michael Riggs.

  • With our non-traditional curriculum, young children learn to perform at the piano in our fun, partner-based music classes for kids.
  • Seven levels of Kids N Keys curriculum takes the learner into five different keys at the piano, transposing, composing original songs, performing on stage in class weekly.
  • We also study the recorder and the guitar/baritone ukulele.
  • This is all by the age of 7 years, if they come up in our Early Childhood Music department; however new students may start our KNK program until about age 8 years or beyond.
  • All of our program is Partner-attended, meaning that the parent learns right along with your child!

*The Pre Kids N Keys is a required prerequisite for children under 6 years.  Get that information here.  

Our in-studio KnK lessons INCLUDES  our brand new Online Learning Course- at no additional cost! 

Kids N Keys Level 1’s studies include reading and performing quarter notes and quarter rest, composing, ear training, flashcard fun and lots of basic music theory presented in a fun, child-friendly approach. It’s a 4 or 5 month session depending on the season of the year.

Application Fee:  Our Application Fee is $30 and due up front to hold your space. It is not refundable.

Kids N Keys Level 1 Material Fee is $70 plus sales tax.  Your new student kit includes colorful material tote bag, a whiteboard kit (staff whiteboard, marker, eraser), an Attendance Sticker Book, a Kids N Keys HomePlay Notebook (which contains the Level 1 KNK daily HomePlay assignment sheets, and a set of rhythm sticks. A step-by-step Online Learning Guide is included, (downloadable and printable from our Online Learning Course), KNK Level 1 student book and KNK Level 1 flashcards. The Level 1 audio sound tracks are available as download from your (included) Online Learning Course and FREE on your favorite streaming service.

Session Tuition Kids N Keys piano lessons for kids is a session commitment.  Level 1 session ranges is 4 months. Monthly tuition is $85 or a one-time payment may be made before the start of the session.

Class Times: 40 minute weekly lesson

Also includes: Zoom Lessons, Upload Portal and Online Learning Course for Piano 

These classes book up quickly. You may enroll ahead by booking now on this website.