Weekly Piano Video Lesson for Private Schools ~Option #1 (VFCA)



Welcome to our Level 1 PEPPP Club for Parents Encouraging Practice Proficiency and Performance. (PEPPP CLUB)

We want you to be engaged with your Learner in their music program this school year. So we have made it FREE plus some Booking Bonuses.

You will immediately gain access to:

  1. Level 1 Kids N Keys Weekly Piano Video Lesson Course that will be studied each week for every student K5- 3rd grade at VFCA.
  2. PEPPP Club Zoom Meeting links will be sent to you closer to start of the music program
  3. FREE Game Course will be added to match the lessons studied weekly, at no charge to you!

Welcome to our Perfect Praise Musical Family!

Want more including Study and Curriculum Swap? Check out Level 2 PEPPP Club HERE.



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Weekly Video Piano Lesson Series


Parents Encouraging Practice, Proficiency and Performance (PEPPP CLUB)

Option #1 

the power of music in special needs music class

At Perfect Praise Music we have developed several structure options for your Elementary-aged child. Because of our Partnering with VFCA, your child will be receiving our Musical Instruction at the Piano as part of their curriculum at your Private Christian School. This is so exciting for your child and for us. 

This is how it will work;

Each week, a Perfect Praise Weekly Piano Video Lesson will be shown to every student in the Elementary Building (K5-3rd grade).  This Weekly Piano Video Lesson, while a great start, will not provide everything that your child needs to learn to play the piano. 

To excel this year, your Learner will need:

1. To practice 5-8 minutes daily at a keyboard or piano (don’t panic, we have affordable ideas)

2. Complete worksheets

3. Study flashcards

That is where YOU come in. 

We’d like to connect with YOU to help ensure success at the piano! 

To have a successful experience, and gain all the benefits of what is provided for you at VFCA, we need YOU to be involved. So we have developed a Parent Support Club called Parents Encouraging Practice, Proficiency and Performance. (PEPPP Club)

We have structured four different levels of involvement for parents, providing options that fit your schedule and budget from FREE to just a few dollars per week.

Note: Because of our partnering with VFCA, we have greatly discounted our program’s fees and tuition. These fees and structures are not transferable, nor available at any other location.

Option #1: Weekly Video Piano Lesson Series is FREE*

when you sign up for PEPPP Club!

Weekly Video Piano Lesson Series Option #1: FREE* 

  • Weekly Piano Video Lesson: Just by signing up for Level 1 PEPPP Club, you will gain access to the same Weekly Piano Video Lesson that your child will view at school. By accessing this lesson at home, you will be kept up-to-date to the activities and practice assignment for that lesson. This Weekly Piano Video Lesson Series normally retails for $59 month, yet FREE when you sign up with PEPPP Club.
  • Bonus! Kids N Keys Game Course:Kids N Keys Game Course follows the Weekly Piano Video Lesson Series. These Game Courses reinforce the musical concepts studied each lesson. A $49 value, yet FREE when signing up for PEPPP Club.
  • PEPPP Club Zoom Meetings: To help you get the most out of our programs, Mrs. Denie Riggs, our Administrator, will meet with interested parents for scheduled PEPPP Club Zoom  Meetings. She will share tips, provide instruction, guidance and support to guide you through every step of getting set up and supporting your Learner this year, thereby ensuring the progress and the amazing benefits of playing the piano.
  • To sign up for Option #1, all you must do is Check Out Here. It is FREE*! You will immediately gain access to the online Weekly Piano Video Lesson Series for your home.
  • There are no strings attached! We just want you to be involved, because your involvement will help bring about a successful year.
*Note: These structures and fees are offered because of our partnering with VFCA. They are not transferable, nor available at any other Perfect Praise Music location.

Want more? Including Study and Curriculum Swap?  Check out Option #2! 

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