Online Piano Course with Virtual Piano Teacher at VFCA


This product is for 2019 – 2020 registered students at VFCA.

Recurring tuition for $29 each month running from September 1 and ending May 1, 2020.

You are signing up for the $29 per month Daily HomePlay Learning Course with a Virtual Piano Teacher. We are excitedly looking forward to a wonderful school year!

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Academic Piano Program for VFCA

Piano Lesson Program

with Perfect Praise Music

With On-line Accountability via Upload Form

Perfect Praise Music loves to partner with private Christian schools to provide the number one enhancer of brain function to enhance academics… piano lessons.  With our new Online Learning Piano Course, students can study the piano in their academic environment!  How astounding and incredible.

This Kids N Keys Online Learning Course is for 2019-2020 registered students of private Christian schools. With this Piano Lesson Option, your child’s proficiency will be achieved via using the Upload Form on this website. We will walk you through the simple process. (It works!  We have virtual students across America!)

Set up Fee: $30

Recurring Monthly Fee: $29 tuition runs automatically the 1st of every month from September 2019 through May 2020.

Curriculum: Your materials are included with your schools book fees, so nothing additional is due for curriculum.

All you have to do is Add to Cart and check out. You will be charged only the set up fee and you will gain immediate access to your Online Learning Course complete with Getting Started Guide and Partner Pages. We will contact you to establish your Teacher and start the fun the first week of September 2019. We are excitedly looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Our Daily HomePlay Add-on with a Piano Teacher Includes:    

  • Piano Teacher interaction weekly, ensuring your child learns correctly
  • Parent Training- a Getting Started Guide and weekly Partner Pages to inform and guide you on what to do at home that lesson
  • Daily music theory games- that reinforce the concepts being studied
  • Mini teaching videos- every day, five days a week, that are fun and informative
  • Upload Form- an easy-to-use method to submit HomePlay for teacher interaction
  • Ear Training- the ability to hear, sing and match pitch, a vital skill for musicians
  • Composing- step-by-step guided by your Piano Teacher
  • Performing Skills- How to memorize your song, How to perform on stage and more
  • Performance Opportunities- A Piano Performance Party in December and Spring Recital in May
  • Motivation- support, encouragement, points, badges and certificates
  • All the wonderful benefits of playing the piano
  • And more!!!




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