Online Piano Course with Accountability Classes (VFCA)


Online Learning Course with Accountability Lessons

Online Piano Program with Weekly Accountability Class at VFCA

You will receive:

  1. Our level appropriate Online Learning Piano Course for study at home
  2. Weekly Proficiency Accountability Lesson at VFCA
  3. KNK Game Courses

Note: Hard Copy Curriculum is required for this course. Binder, Student Book/Flashcard up-grade is available at checkout.

Recurring Monthly Fee: $65 for the full school year committment 

We are excitedly looking forward to a wonderful school year! Welcome to our Perfect Praise Music student body!

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Online Piano Program with Accountability Class (VFCA)

Accountability Classes at Your School 

Piano Proficiency Accountability Class

We know that Accountability and Proficiency are important aspects for a successful online learning course of any kind. So we include both of those structures with our Proficiency Programwith LIVE Piano Teachers!

When you sign up for a Proficiency Program, our Teachers will interact with you weekly for your child’s proficiency at the piano. We also offer rewards, goal-setting and performance guidance creating a wonderful, excelling musician.

  • Online Learning Piano Course: This program’s structures enable daily activities laid out step-by-step for your Learner.  It contains 80 lessons each semester; age-appropriate lessons that are engaging, fun and informative. Your child will work their way through the self-paced lessons at home of five recommended lessons each week. This program serves as the foundation for your child’s lessons including ear training, composing, piano and more. This course may stand alone with the use of the Upload Portal. However, with this option, your child will get proficiency and accountability one-on-one with a teacher.
  • Proficiency in an Accountability Class: Your child will attend a VFCA Accountability Lesson during or after school. At this lesson, they will perform their assignment for their Piano Teacher in person, replacing the need for the Upload Portal.
  • In-person Accountability Classes: Our Accountability Lessons are Come N Go Structure, where our Teaching Team will view HomePlay, Worksheets, offer Proficiency on Solos, etc. while minimizing time away from academics.


  • Teacher Interaction: Your Teacher engages with parents on your child’s HomePlay notebook regarding their assignment, critiquing any areas that your student needs more attention.
  • Individual Proficiency: We track your child’s practice and proficiency for each activity, every week.
  • Recitals: We will work with your student to prepare for stage presence for Christmas (when applicable) and Spring recitals, including providing fresh, downloadable/printable music copies when appropriate.
  • Achievement Awards: Because we can track their proficiency and achievements, we honor their efforts with year-end rewards, and  medals along the way for book studies achieved.

Accountability FEES and SPECIFICS

  • Sign-Up Fee: $45 Every student is charged an annual sign-up fee. However, 
    • If you took lessons with Perfect Praise Music last school year through May 2021, we are discounting your sign-up fee to $15. Signing out here, a $15 credit will be given in-house towards August tuition
    • If you are currently taking lessons through July 2021, we are waving the sign-up fee.
  • Recurring Tuition: $65 month* recurring tuition, running the full school year, August through May 2022, with the first tuition payment due August 2021.  Classes will begin Wednesday, August 11th, 2021. School Year Commitment
    • Once you meet with our teaching team, we will turn on access to your level of our Online Learning Piano Course for Kids, complete with Getting Started Guide and Partner Pages.
    • We are excitedly looking forward to a wonderful school year!
    • (If you prefer and availability permits, we also offer Private Lessons at VFCA or Virtually with Face Time or Zoom.)
  • Scheduling and Other Specifics: 
    • 2021-2022 School Year: Lessons will be given during and after school on Wednesdays in the Elementary Music Room.
    • Students are required to bring their materials to each lesson: Notebook, Student Book, Flashcards
    • Lessons will be structured as Come N Go (with staggered arrivals and departures) for ease of Social Distancing and sanitizing purposes
*Note: These discounted structures and fees are offered because of our partnering with VFCA; they are not transferable, nor available at any other Perfect Praise Music location.

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