Online Piano Course with Proficiency Via Upload Portal (Option #3 VFCA)


Option #3: Piano Proficiency via the Upload Portal (VFCA)

You are signing up for the $59 per month Daily HomePlay Learning Course with a Virtual Piano Teacher via the Upload Portal. (School year commitment)

You will receive:

  1. Our NEW! Online Learning Piano Course Level 1 with daily activities (It’s amazing!)
  2. Study and Curriculum Swap– We will work with you to swap out the Kids N Keys Level 1 curriculum and online Level 1 study to match your Learner’s piano abilities (for VFCA returning students only)
  3. Weekly Proficiency Interaction with our Piano Teaching Staff via the Upload Portal
  4. PEPPP Zoom Meetings
  5. KNK Game Courses

Note: If you enrolled with Perfect Praise Music through May 2020 last school year, or the Summer Program, you may qualify for a discount code for the Sign-up Fee.  See below for more details before enrolling.

See below for full specifics! 

Welcome to our Perfect Praise Music musical family.




Proficiency Via the Upload Portal 

$59 month*

  • Online Learning Piano Course: This program’s structures enable daily activities laid out step-by-step for your Learner.  It contains 80 lessons each semester; age-appropriate lessons that are engaging, fun and informative. Your child will work their way through the self-paced lessons at home of five recommended lessons each week. This Online Learning Piano Course usually retails for $348 per Level.  Check out the Sample Activities.


  • Study and Curriculum Swap Program: Each year we study Level 1 Kids N Keys curriculum in the Fall and Level 2 Kids N Keys curriculum in the Spring. If your child is a returning VFCA student (or an existing KNK student at Perfect Praise Music) and has already mastered the study material for the semester, we will work with you to customize an online Study and Curriculum Swap for a more appropriate level. (Note: The Study and Curriculum Swap Program is only available only for mastered KNK materials. Curriculum and Online Course Swaps are through Perfect Praise Music only, and curriculum swap is not available through VFCA).
  • Proficiency via Upload Portal: With Level 3 PEPPP Club, the parents upload HomePlay, by taking mini videos and pics of worksheets, submitting them to our Upload Portal on our website. Our Upload Portal is user friendly. The process is easy and we will show you how to do it.
  • Teacher Interaction: Your assigned Piano Teacher will work with you step-by-step, informing you as to what to submit, giving remarks and tips about your Learner’s progress, ensuring they are excelling, every step of the way.
  • Parent/Teacher Communication would be via email and texts
  • Individual Proficiency: We support your student through every step of every lesson. We track your child’s practice and proficiency for each activity, every week.
  • Semester Recitals: We will work with your student to prepare for stage presence for Christmas and Spring recitals, including providing fresh, downloadable/printable music copies when appropriate.
  • Achievement Awards: Because we can track proficiency and achievements, we are able to honor their efforts with year-end rewards, medals, and trophies.
  • PLUS:  These other PEPPP Club structures are included
    • Weekly Video Piano Lesson Series, for when you are in a hurry
    • Game Courses: Level appropriate study through Levels 1, 2, 3
    • Zoom Meetings: Offered periodically
  • Sign-Up Fee: $30 Every student is charged an annual sign-up fee. However, 
    • If you took lessons with Perfect Praise Music last school year through May 2020, we are discounting your sign-up fee to $15.
    • If you are currently taking lessons through July 2020, we are waving the sign-up fee.
    • If these specifics apply to you, please email Mrs. Koleta Mitchell in the PPM office for your discount code before checking out.
  • Recurring Tuition: $59 month* recurring tuition, running the full school year, August through May 2021, with the first payment due August 2020.
    • All you have to do is Add to Cart and check out.
    • You will be charged only the Sign-up Fee at this time
    • You will gain immediate access to the Level 1 Online Learning Piano Course for Kids complete with Getting Started Guide and Partner Pages.
    • We will contact you to establish your Teacher and start the fun the 10th of August 2020. We are excitedly looking forward to a wonderful school year!
  • If you prefer other Proficiency Options check out our Accountability Classes and Private Lessons
*Note: These discounted structures and fees are offered because of our partnering with VFCA; they are not transferable, nor available at any other Perfect Praise Music location.


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