Kids N Keys Accountability Lessons with ZoomMeet


Accountability Piano Course

with Zoom Meet!

Our wonderful Kids N Keys Piano Course for busy families:

  1. Enroll for $45 App fee 
  2. Kids N Keys Online Learning Course for purchase at $99, included downloadable/printable materials. 12 months access.
  3. Individual Accountability and Proficiency for $39 month
  4. Bonuses: ZoomMeet Weekly Classroom for fun, social interaction, ear training, and games, plus Game Course Bonus

See below for all the specifics…



Accountability Piano Lessons

with ZoomMeet/ Upload Portal!

Times are changing! Our culture is changing. Parents and their children are stressed, stretching further and tighter between pursuing academic excellence, sports commitments, social dates, all while trying to maintain, carefully carved out family-time.

Life, in general, is fast-paced and strained.

Where do worth-while activities like Piano Class fit in? Everyone knows the benefits of piano-based music lessons for children. But how to find time?

Perfect Praise Music seeks to keep up with our quickly changing culture by offering Accountability Piano Lessons with ZoomMeet/Upload Portal!

Post-covid, with so many things facing the families, we have witnessed that many families are not able to maintain the schedule of the Kids N Keys Level Courses. For that reason, we are offering an alternative… Accountability Piano Lessons with ZoomMeet/Upload Portal.

Here are the details:

  • Our Accountability Piano Lessons offers the same fun, progressive Kids N Keys curriculum that we have offered since 1998. Six levels of curriculum take a student from absolute beginner through note reading, flashcards, transposing, modulation chords, ear training, composing new songs and performance at the piano in 5 different keys, both major and minor.
  • Our Accountability Piano Lessons offers the same Kids N Keys Online Learning Courses that provide the foundation of your training at the piano. These six-leveled courses include downloadable/printable materials and immediate access. These Online Piano Courses would be purchased, level-by-level, for $99.00. (One payment, no monthly fee). Students will be given access for 12 months. An additional Game Course will be bonused at no charge, a $99 value.
  • Individualized Accountability is a vital part of your Accountability Lessons, via an Upload Portal on our website. Your assigned Perfect Praise Piano Teacher will interact with you via email and texts with step-by-step proficiency. You would pay only $39 month with one month advance notice of cancellation for this Add-on to your Online Learning Course.
  • Select your course! Our Accountability Piano Lessons offers Online Courses in 3 different formats: Course price is the same no matter which Course you prefer.
    • One Weekly Piano Course provides one video to view for each lesson. This format works well for super busy families who prefer to view just one video a lesson, and then do the structured HomePlay piano practice.
    • The Basic Piano Course provides daily HomePlay activities to support practice time, without singing songs, puppets, rhythm ensembles and more. This Basic Course format works well for typical students ages 8+.
    • The Daily Piano Course, our full version Kids N Keys Course was developed for very young children ages 4-8 years. It contains lots of puppets, games, and daily activities for 10-12 minutes a day. This format serves those who are very young, and those with special needs who may desire fun and lots of repetition to be a vital part of their lessons daily.

ZoomMeet Classroom (when available*)

  • The ZoomMeet Classroom would meet weekly for ear training, friends and fun. These ZoomMeet Classrooms may contain several different levels of study at the same time. This would be a great additional to families who have more than one family member enrolled in our KNK program.
    • Training at the piano would be accomplished via the Online Learning Course, not level-intensive Zoom Classes.
    • Accountability and individual proficiency would be accomplished  via the Upload Portal
    • These ZoomMeet Classrooms would be to enhance ear training, note reading, singing songs, playing games and fun. The ZoomMeet Classroom would give social connection, a vital aspect for children
  • The Accountability Piano Lessons are offered only on Zoom.
  • * May 1, 2023 update: at this time we do not have a time to offer the ZoomMeet classroom. We are waiting for Mrs. Denie’s schedule to shift. In the meantime, you may register and use the Upload Portal for Proficiency and Accountability. Email Mrs. Denie to be kept updated on the status of the ZoomMeet Classroom.