Beginner Class Guitar Course for Schools


Perfect Praise Music is partnering with Christian private schools for this music course.

Monthly tuition of $69 will run automatically September through May. School Year Commitment.

I understand:

  • $25 material fee will be charged out when they receive materials
  • An instrument is required for lessons and for home practice (see below for more information)
  • $15 late fee for declined payments

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Beginner Guitar Course for Schools

We love to teach students to use their guitar to worship in our beginner guitar course for schools.

Small group guitar lessons teach kids how music works on the neck of the guitar or baritone ukulele.  We teach note reading and chords, both separately and in combination.

Age:  2nd -6th grades

Application Fee:  $45 required to hold space

Material Fee: $25  Our Beginner Guitar Course material fee includes the curriculum, flashcards and assignment notebook. This fee will be charged out when they receive their materials.

Tuition$69 monthly tuition runs the first of each month starting September 1st

Instrument:  Each student needs a baritone ukulele or youth size guitar for lessons and for at-home guitar daily practice.  Perfect Praise Music may have rental instruments available.  Contact the office to check on availability.

Add On’s: Tuners and metronomes are necessary add on’s.  Your teacher will tell you more.