Piano Lessons in a Lab Schedule

Piano Lab Lessons ~ Individualized Instruction with Flexible schedule

Perfect Praise created a piano lab in 1996 and the results have been phenomenal.  Students taking piano lessons in a lab environment learn faster and seem to enjoy it more.

  • Just like private one-on-one instruction, your Piano Lessons in a Lab’s study is totally individualized.
  • The difference has to do with a more flexible lesson times, and each lesson is open ended giving additional time when needed.
  • In a Piano Lab Lesson, others may be working in the lab at the same time, working through their assignment under headphones, but your study is not impeded.
  • Students arrive in staggered increments and stay until their study is completed, usually ranging between 20-60 minutes depending on many variables including their level of study.
  • Unlike private instruction, the piano lab offeres flexibility of scheduling, so there is a possibility for makeup lessons should the need arise.  (Contact the office for full policy.)
The Benefits
  • Yamaha says it best, ” Success in music, success in life … it’s no coincidence.”
  • It’s true; the attributes that you desire your children to have, are best accomplished by piano lessons.
  • The piano is the number one brain-function enhancer, above all other activities you may choose to be involved in.
  • When a person above the age of 7 years, plays the piano and sings, every part of their brain in engaged.
  • The right hemisphere and left hemisphere of the brain, flow together and format the brain for “orderly storage and retrieval” of information for four or five hours after you practice.
  • Students involved with the piano get higher grades in school, especially excelling in math, reading and science.
The Structures
  • Piano lessons in the lab are offered from age 8 years up.
  • Piano lessons in the lab are traditional music lessons, offered in a more high-tech environment.
  • Children’s and Teen’s Piano Lab lessons are set up in a Come-and-Go structure with staggered arrival times.
  • Although the parents do not attend lessons with the student, we ask that you remain in the building, ready for their departure.
  • Students stay as long as necessary to accomplish all of their piano performances, flashcards and theory.
  • The study is self-paced through the use of headphones on weighted key digital Yamaha Clavinova.
  • Piano Lab lessons are offered each week in an on-going format with one-month advance, written termination notice required.
  • In-studio piano lessons are offered at 6125 University Drive, Suite B-26, Huntsville AL 35806 (Behind Cheddars)
  • Materials vary by the student and are in addition to the tuition. They may be purchased through Perfect Praise Music.
  • Several performing opportunities are offered each year, with two formal recitals being in November and May.
The Fees
  • $30 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Piano Lesson tuition is $100 month ($25 per lesson)
  • Automated tuition is billed to a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit/credit card, or six months advance check is also an option.
  • Stage Performance Recitals are held twice a year with the event fee ranging between $25 and $45 per recital depending on our forum. All registered students are required to pay the event fee regardless of whether you attend the event or not, so Save the Date! 
The Class Times and Availability

Monday 230- 430 p.m. Check Availability

Tuesday 230- 430 p.m. Check Availability

Thursday 3:15-4:30 p.m.  Check Availability

Friday 230- 430 p.m. Check Availability



Steps to Enrolling … Simple as 1, 2 and 3!

Step 1
Book it Now!

Infographic-Book-it-Now-Step-1Book it Now! This step holds your space! Your material fees vary by student and will be given at your first lesson.  Your monthly fee will be prorated by the number of weeks remaining in the month.  

Step 2

Infographic-Book-it-Now-Step-2Confirmation: You will receive an email, text or phone call confirming our receipt of your application, usually within 24 hours. We will set your start date. 

Step 3
Start Classes!

Infographic-Book-it-Now-Step-3Start Classes: When everything is set, we will see you in class! 

 Spreading the Word …

My children have taken the Piano Lab lessons at Perfect Praise Music and I've been totally pleased.  They have thrived in this environment.

Mrs. J
At first I was skeptical about Piano Lab, but then I heard the students perform at a recital.  I quickly enrolled my children and I am so glad I did.

I love the fact the my children were able to continue in a program with some of their friends after graduation from Kids N Keys.  They are excelling in this fun environment.


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