Piano Improvisation Course for Adults

Piano Improvisation Course for Adults

Want to learn to ad lib at the piano?  Would you like to play by ear?  We have the program that may just be your answer… Piano Improvisation Course.

Mrs. Denie Riggs taught herself to improvise at the piano at a very young age.  She became the church musician at age 10 years and soon after began teaching piano and piano improvisation to literally hundreds of students, many of which are church musicians.

After many years of teaching the basic theory structures and ad lib techniques to adult students, she compiled her teaching into a book that is marketing via the internet.

Piano Improvisation Course for Adults and teens is offered in-studio periodically, and coming soon, will be available virtually.

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The Course

Piano Improvisation Course for Adults gently guides the student into adding things that are not written down … to ad lib to the music.

The Piano Improvisation Course for Adults uses the Piano Improvisation Book by Mrs. Denie.  Through Mrs. Denie’s teaching simplicity and your own creativity, Piano Improvisation’s step-by-step manual you can learn to improvise at the piano!

The Piano Improvisation Book
  • It was created as a self-study text book, to work through step-by-step.Piano Improvisation
  • It takes the student from performing what is written in the hymnal or lead sheet to adding flowing, beautiful and worshipful songs.
  • It contains 75 improvising techniques and variations
  • Shows how to bring your songs alive and make them beautiful and expressive, to add runs and fills that are not written down.
  • Permits you to work through the basic theory of improvisation, step-by-step.
  • Covers modulating and transposing into new keys

Piano Improvisation will show you how to get started improvising.  It then shows you how to transfer the techniques into your favorite songs.  It’s easy as 1,2,3!

Piano Improvisation guides you into…

  • Introductions
  • Turnarounds
  • Modulation Chords
  • Ending Styles
  • Ad lib techniques for Accompaniment Style and Performance Style
  • Alternate Bass Patterns
  • Chord and Style Practice Sheets for Every Key
  • Lead Sheets
  • Variation Chords
  • Passing Tones
  • Chord Charts
The Course Structures
  • Mrs. Denie has conducted Piano Improvisation Courses in a variety of ways.  Some courses are offered every evening for a specific number of lessons.  Others are one hour per week in a several week series.  She will post specific information when a course is offered in your area.  Please feel free to contact the office about a new course being planned.
  • In-studio lessons are offered at 6125 University Drive, Suite B-26, Huntsville AL 35806 (Behind Cheddars)
  • Virtual Series is available to enhance training!
  • Prerequisite:  To easily be able to do the theory portion of this manual, you need to be able to read treble clef and bass notes; and perform what is written in a hymnal (four-part harmony) with the pedal.
The Course Fees
  • $30 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of enrollment.
  • $39.95 Piano Improvisation Manual
  • $10.00 additional course fee for notebook and handouts when offered as a camp or course.
  • Course fees and structures to be announced when this specialized class is offered.
  • Private instruction is also available for Piano Improvisational study.
I bought this book from the internet and worked through it step-by-step. Good material and fresh improv ideas.

My son did the Piano Improvisation course with Mrs. Denie in a summer camp. It has totally changed his life, opening the door for a new way to view the piano.

My daughter studied the Piano Improvisation course with Mrs. Denie first in a camp and then followed up in the piano lab. She understands all the theory of music and is the church pianist at our local congregation.


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