Adult Beginner Piano Lessons

Adult Beginner Piano Lessons

We have 50+ Reasons that YOU, an adult, should be playing the piano.

Here are just a few:

1. Playing the piano retards the aging process.

2. Playing the piano boosts your immune system

3. Playing the piano keeps your brain sharp and active … and so much more.

Participation with the piano is the best activity to maintain mental and physical health … no matter your age!

We have developed a piano program for adults that trumpets the benefits of the piano and brings all of those benefits into the lives of very busy adults, just like yourself.  And, with our new video series, you can do this piano program virtually from any where in the world!

50+ Adult Beginner Piano Lesson Course … it’s fun, inexpensive and beneficial.   Now it’s YOUR turn!

The Benefits
  • It is a scientifically documented fact that piano based music is the best thing that you can give your brain to keep it young and active.
  • When an adult plays the piano and sings, your brain is formatted for orderly storage and retrieval of information for 4-5 hours after you practice.
  • Mrs. Denie’s curriculum gives you all that you need to apply music’s benefits to you life and those around you.  
The Structures

Now you can learn with 50+ Adult Beginner Piano Lesson Course,  especially developed for adult beginners of any age.

  • The 50+ curriculum tells you everything that you need to know for each lesson, written out so that you can read it over as many times as needed, with familiar songs that you know and enjoy.
  • 50+ Piano Virtual Program series is included in this program.  These videos can be viewed over and over giving additional help when needed or if you have to miss an in-studio lesson for some reason.
  • The  50+ Piano Program can also be used to stand alone or take remote classes … no matter where you live!

Three Sessions:

  • 50+ Piano is offered in Three Modules of 10 weeks.
  • Full fees due up front for each session.
  • Video Series is included in with Modules 1 and 2.  You may watch the lessons over and over as they apply to your study.
  • In-Studio classes are offered at Perfect Praise, Inc. 6125 University Drive Suite B-26, Huntsville 35806.
  • No refund for missed or cancelled lessons.
  • Want to join Levels 2 or 3? Each level builds on the concepts from the previous level, so an evaluation appointment is required before you enroll.  Contact the office.

The Fees
  • Tuition:  $9.90 per week in 10 week sessions.  Module Fee includes EVERYTHING!
  • All Inclusive Fee includes materials and full module tuition.
    • Session 1 is $155.  For that you get 10 one-hour lessons, 10 weeks Perfect Praise TV instruction, our 50+ Binder with Module 1 Curriculum and a Listening Therapy CD. Fall sessions also includes Christmas music!
    • Session 2 is $125.  For that you get the 10 one-hour in-studio lessons, 10 virtual lessons and the Module 2 50+ curriculum to add to your Session One Materials (Sales taxes for Module 2 Curriculum are included.)
    • Session 3 is $145.  For that you receive ten one-hour in-studio lessons, the Module 3 50+ curriculum to add to your Module 1 & 2 materials.  Also includes Alfred All-in One Adult Piano Manual and Alfred Flashcards.  At this time, virtual lessons are NOT included with Session 3.
  • Full fee due up front to hold your space
  • No refunds, as others may be turned away
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check or Cash accepted

Class Times and Availability

Day & Time
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Tuesday 1:00 0 Book it Now!
Tuesday 12 noon Module One – Accepting Applications  Start Date to be Set 10 Book it Now!
Tuesday 1:00 0 Book it Now!

I put my children through piano lessons, then my grandchildren... NOW IT'S MY TURN! I'm so glad i found this program.

I started with this 50+ program but then moved on to private piano lessons with Mrs. Denie. I learned to adlib to hymns and play classical music. 50+ got me started!

50+ Piano got me back on the piano bench. I had studied music a long time ago, and thought i had forgotten everything. But it came back quickly. Then i moved to piano lab lessons. I love Perfect Praise piano.



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