[sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.1 Intro He’s Got the Whole World ” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202852668″ ] [sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.2 Double Dot Repeats” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202852904″ ] [sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.3 Repeat and Fade” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202853056″ ] [sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.4 Dotted Quarter -Eighth Notes” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202854703″ ] [sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.5 Eighth Rest Study” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202854137″ ] [sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.6 Preparing He’s Got… ” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202855084″ ] [sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.7 He’s Got the Whole World” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202854501″ ] [sc name=”Blue Title” title=”Lesson 5.8 Homeplay” ][sc name=”Vimeo Embed” vimeoid=”202854590″ ]

Studio Hours

We Are Open by Appointment

We offer a combination of In-studio, Online Lessons and Courses Monday – Friday, so our schedule varies by days and by weeks.

Call for a no-obligation appointment. We look forward to meeting you



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Studio Address

1634 Slaughter Road
Suite A
Madison, AL 35758

Snail Mail: P.O. Box 11577, Huntsville, AL 35814

Phone: 256-348-6634