Our Zoe Life Facility

For many years, the physical facilities for the Zoe Life Center was only in our hearts!  We had been searching for several years for 22 acres. The journey has been laborious and exhausting, as every property was seemingly out of our reach financially.

But, in May 2022, we purchased 1.9 acres just outside of Huntsville Alabama, and with an Athens Alabama address. This property is zoned both commercial for our home office and residential.  There is vacant woods and farm land around this property that we are praying that God will help us acquire, when the time is right, so we can open our full vision of the Zoe Life Center.

In the meantime we are gratefully using what’s in our hand.

This property has a 1300 sf house on it that we are using as our Perfect Praise Office, and teaching studio. We are holding worship mentoring meetings monthly and booking special needs activities, gardening activities, and have a year calendar full of activities moving forward. The space is small and the parking limited, but we are so grateful for every inch of that property!

We envision building a Zoe Life Conference Center on this (or expanded) property. This Conference Center will include a recital hall, rooms for private consultations, therapies, worship, movement etc.  It would hold Zoe Life Conferences, and would serve as home for the Seven Centers of Healing as mentioned in this document. We are also hoping to provide a facility to rent out to locals for weddings, receptions, etc. to help fund the ministries of Zoe Life.

We envision a Zoe Garden, with a stream running through it; creating a place of respite care. We want fun things to do for every member of the family, a children’s playground, a Christmas Tree Farm to help support the Zoe Life ministries, possibly even cabins or camping area for families to stay while doing workshops or summer camps.

We will build our vision around the property we are granted from the Father with funding from Him.

Here are some pictures from our Zoe Vision Board.

Envisioned Outdoor Space at Zoe Life Center

Spring Fed stream running across property

Envisioned Zoe Life Conference Center and Office Space

Christmas Tree Farm (on extended plan) to help fund Zoe Life Center

Outdoor Fire Pit for Family Fun

Fishing Pond

Place of Family Respite and Hope




Envisioned Zoe Life Garden

Zoe Life Well on property

Office Suites for Seven Centers of Healing

Outdoor and Indoor Kitchen for camps and groups

Stream flowing into the pond

Children’s playground

Ample Parking for Events

Walking Paths throughout the Zoe Garden