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kaitlyn and drumPrenatal Curriculum

Babies from 12 Weeks to Strong Walker – The best time to start your babies brain enrichment.

Children Under 36 Months~ fast-paced musical fun!  The younger they start the better!

3-4 Years ~ Children learn musical concepts at the piano by rote and by ear.  Solos in class and on stage.

4.5 to 6 Years ~ Piano lessons that work for very young children.  Fun and fast-paced.

5- 8 Years ~ Piano lessons at it’s best! Piano, guitar and Recorder  learning with friends and care-giver.  On-Line Learning supporting video series included.  7 Levels of curriculum.

Piano Programs ~ Age 7 and up.  Individualized Piano Lessons.

Guitar Programs ~ Private Instruction, Combo Lessons

Adult Beginner 50+ Piano Adult Beginner Piano Course

Special Needs ~  Piano based lessons for children and adults with special needs.

Virtual Only  – Desire a virtual program only? Contact us!

Musical Products – Perfect Praise Store.   Shop now!



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