Music Helps Autism Case Study Package

Special Needs Online Case Study 2020

10 Families Offered Full Scholarships for a Special Needs Music Program

We experience such wonderful results with our Special Needs music programs in Huntsville Alabama. We did an in-studio Case Study in 2013 that blew everything off the charts. The results were so amazing that no one believes them. You may view the Condensed Case Study Report 2013 here.

To prove that 2013 was not just a miracle, we are now set up now to take the Music Helps Autism program to the world. To validate it, we are planning to do an ON-LINE SPECIAL NEEDS CASE STUDY to run from June-September 2020.

We are accepting applications at this time to do the Music Helps Autism program totally virtual. So no matter where you are in the world, you may apply to reap the wonderful benefits of this program.

  • Live Coaches:  Although this course is totally virtual, it  includes our LIVE teaching staff.  You will do a combination of “canned” lessons with state-of-the art Online Learning Piano Courses, along with our LIVE Accountability Coach and a LIVE Piano Coach.
  • Support:  Our Support Team will walk you through every step of the program.
  • Materials: The materials are downloadable/printable curriculum making this amazing program available no matter where you live in the world. (English speaking only at this time.)
  • Students: 20 Students are being accepted at this time, and 10 of them will be scholarshipped.
  • Case Study Criteria: Learner must betweek the developmental ages of 4 and 12 years, verbal or non-verbal.
  • Parent Committment: Parent must agree to specific daily activities (listed on the application).
  • Scholarship Criteria: Learner must fit the Case Study Criteria and meet specific financial criteria of having a combined household income of less than $35,000.oo for 2019. No financial paperwork is required, as we are expecting those applying to be truthful. Note: Just in case we do not have 10 financially qualifying applications, we may approve some who do not fit the financial criteria. If you do not fit the criteria, but would like to be considered for a scholarship, please write one a short letter (100 words or less) on why you would like to be chosen to participate and email that to Mrs. Denie along with your application
  • Get more information on the application.



Mrs. Denie, the Founding Director and Author of Music Helps Autism. will explain more.

What to do: 

Step One: Learn about the Program: The Music Helps Autism Case Study is based on the website where everything is explained and laid out for you. You need to view website this before submitting application.  FOLLOW THIS LINK For FULL STRUCTURE INFORMATION.

Step Two: Test the Internet and Content: Before submitting your application, we want you to test our Online Internet Kids N Keys Piano Structures, as it is the basis for the program. We recommend the newest device in your home, located next to your internet source. (More information on this topic on the application.) Let your Learner experiment with it, to see if they enjoy it. The course contains 16 weeks of these lessons. For trouble shooting this aspect of the program, contact for technical issues. Click here:  LINK SAMPLE COURSE HERE

Step Three: Download and Complete Application: You may do the program from on your own, but if you’d like to participate in the Case Study, (scholarshipped or paid) then download and complete this Music Helps Autism Application: Music 4 Me Case Study Application

Step Four: Submit Application: If you’d like to participate in the Case Study (scholarshipped or paid), then submit this completed application by May 28, 2020.  The application is an editable PDF. If that works for your device, save it to your hard drive, complete it and attach it back. If the editable PDF doesn’t work on your device, you may print out, complete and scan back in, attached as an email to You will then be notified of acceptance into the Case Study and notified of a possible scholarship into the study. The study will begin June 1st and run through September. (16 weeks)

If you have any questions regarding the structures, the process etc. please EMAIL Mrs Denie Riggs at No phone calls please.

What will YOUR child’s story be? 

Deadline for submission has been extended to May 28, 2020.