gradpiano class 6This graduation banquet will be held at the Trinity United Methodist Church on Airport Road. 645 p.m.

Arrival:  Doors will open at 640 as we will be completing a recital that will end at 630.

Performance: Each graduate will perform a mini-concert showing their progress from Level 1 through Level 6 Kids N Keys.  They will also be featured in a special way as an accompanist, recorder solo, or other.

Attire:  The Dress is Sunday Best.  We ask all partners and graduates to dress accordingly for the sake of good group pictures. Please no shorts or blue  jeans.

Menu: The menu has been voted on in class and decided to keep it simple with just a light snack.

Important:  You will need to eat your meal before you come.  The menu will consist of:

  • Graduation Cake
  • Gluten-free cake for those with special diets
  • Fruit Traypiano class 1 (2)
  • Vegetable Tray
  • Coffee, tea, juice boxes and water

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