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Module One

Worship Piano~ Chord Charts

Welcome to Worship Piano.  What exactly is Worship Piano and Piano Improvisation? Let's learn more from our Founding Director and author of Piano Improvisation, Mrs. Denie Riggs.

There are several teaching styles for training the Worship Pianist. In this beginning Worship Piano program, Mrs. Denie will teach you to play from Chord Charts. She will tell you more. 


There are at least three forms of music. Mrs. Denie will tell you more, then study the differences between the three forms of Joyful Joyful shown below.

Grand Staff Example: Music written on the Grand Staff in it's basic form is performed "as written". A person who is trained to perform this form of music is referred to as a classically trained pianist.

Improvisation can be performed to this form of music when appropriate.  Later Modules of Worship Piano  will study improvisation to Grand Staff music, like from a hymnal or praise chorus sheet. 

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Lead Sheet Example: The Lead Sheet form below, provides the lyrics and the melody, with chord symbols above the treble staff.  This form is also referred to as Fake Music.

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Chord Chart Example: The Chord Chart form of music (seen below) provides lyrics and chord symbols. This form is used for folk singing, worship bands in churches and in professional music studios. Worship Piano will be training you to perform this form of music. 

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Before you panic and begin to run away from the Chord Chart form of Worship Piano, Mrs. Denie shares her story of 'breaking away' from what is written in a hymnal, along with encouragement for you to begin this journey into musical freedom! 

This Worship Piano Course will totally change how you view music. 

Teaching Classical Piano is easy, while Worship Piano is difficult. Mrs. Denie will tell us why.

Mrs. Denie shares the five elements of step-by-step study for Worship Piano. She then asks the question, "What style of music is inside of YOU dying to be released?" 


In Worship Piano Module 1 you will study: 

  • The Music Theory behind Worship Piano
  • Basic Scale and Chord study for the Key of C Major
  • Familiar Songs with C major and G7 chords, then C Major, F Major and G7 chords
  • How to Break the Chains from written music to freedom at the piano 
  • How to Just Sit and Play! without music in front of you, making it up as you go
  • Lend Me Your Ear Tips and Training on how to develop your ear 
  • Sustain Pedal training- are you doing it correctly? 
  • Writing Worship training for composing New Songs to the Lord 

You will study these 10 familiar songs in Module 1:

  • He's Got the Whole World
  • Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
  • Oh How I Love Jesus
  • I Feel Like Traveling On
  • I Surrender All
  • I'm So Glad Jesus Set Me Free
  • In the Name of Jesus
  • This Little Light of Mine
  • You Are My King
  • Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Features and Benefits of Worship Piano: 

  • Step-by-Step Videos guide you every step of the way
  • Access for 12 months  giving you time to soak in all the training at your own pace
  • Many different modules of study being developed, guiding you into additional improv techniques with your favorite songs in all three forms of music
  • The Next Step Feature builds your techniques one-step at a time 
  • Writing Worship step-by-step assignments as we create a song together, launching you into writing what's in YOUR heart
  • Work though the videos at your own pace, or Add-On a Teacher option available at checkout 
  • Monthly Worship Mentoring Zoom Meetings Available
  • Downloadable/Printable Chord Charts for every Song, every Module

Available Add-ons:

Study Worship Piano with Mrs. Denie Riggs and her Perfect Praise Music Team.

Click here to enroll in Module 1.