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VFCA Parent Information Pages

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VFCA Parent Information Pages

We have created a few Parent Pages to communicate briefly about what will be occurring in your child’s academic environment, and how to best jump on board to bring all the wonderful benefits of academics into your child’s life.

The study at the piano permits very amazing and strongly documented academic enrichment.

Because of that academic enrichment, your Christian Private School and Perfect Praise Music have partnered together to provide all the students (K5 through 4th grade) the opportunity to study the piano in their academic classroom. This is being accomplished by a Weekly Virtual Lesson by Perfect Praise Music to be shown by the classroom teacher. (You may view their first Lesson in the next accordion.)

Student Materials: The student materials include: Kids N Keys Level 1 Student Book, Kids N Keys Level 1 Download Audio Card, Level 1 Flashcards (11)  and a HomePlay Notebook with a weekly HomePlay assignment structured for each lesson.

Practice Keyboard:  A practice keyboard will be placed in every classroom for students to share throughout the week.

Parental Involvement Required!  You can do it!  We want to encourage you regarding the amazing power of the piano and the opportunity that is in front of you. Piano study will enrich your child's academic grades, while they learn an amazing skill!  By using the HomePlay Assignment sheets and the teaching time received at school, your child may be able to successfully engage with the curriculum and excel with daily practice.

Everything that we have shared with you above is provided for your child by your school as part of their academics. What an amazing opportunity!

We know that many parents will desire more assistance, more engagement with piano and a PIANO TEACHER, to ensure that their child learns correctly. We've got you covered!  We have developed a brand new Daily Online Piano Program for Kids Course, that includes a Piano Teacher, as an optional add-on.

We have released the first lesson as a Sample Course for you to try out! You are on it right now! 

This Sample Course contains all the lesson features for the children for Lesson 1.

NoteThe Partner Pages, Getting Started Guide and other Partner features will become available on the full course after purchase.  

The Daily HomePlay with Piano Teacher Add-on Cost Structures: The normal fee for this course is $347. We are offering a huge discount for your private school, with everything, including a Piano Teacher. Once signed up, a recurring tuition feel will run on the 1st of each month for the full school year. 

The Daily HomePlay with Piano Teacher Add-on includes:

  • A Real Piano Teacher- A teacher from our Perfect Praise staff will give weekly critique, encouragement and accountability by email in response to your submissions.

  • A Getting Started Guide and weekly Partner Pages- will inform you on what to do at home to support your child’s activities that week.

  • The Weekly Lesson-  In order for you to keep informed of the lesson being shown at the school, the Weekly Lesson is included as part of the Partner Pages for the Daily Course each week.

  • Theory Games- We all enjoy games, and what better way to learn than to play music theory games. They reinforce the concepts being studied in the Lessons and can be played over and over. 

  • 6-8 Daily Mini Teaching Segments- Each day's HomePlay (5 days a week) includes 6-8 daily mini teaching videos that are varied, fun and informative. These take around 6 minutes to watch and participate with. 

  • An Upload Form- We have developed an easy-to-use Upload Form for weekly submission of HomePlay to your Piano Teacher. 

  • Ear Training- Ear training is the ability to hear, sing and match pitch. This training is vital for a good musician. It is built into every lesson.

  • Composing- Learners will compose their own songs, guided step-by-step by your Piano Teacher.

  • Performing Skills- We will study How to Memorize your Song, How to Perform on Stage, How to Introduce Yourself and more. This is also a vital life skill that filters down into everyday student success. 

  • Rewards and Achievement- As with any Online Learning Course, motivation is important.  We have built-in support, accountability, encouragement, points, badges and certificates to help motivate! 

  • Performances at Your School. Piano Performance Parties may be built into your academic school year. 

How the Daily HomePlay add-on works with the Weekly Lesson (shown in the classroom): 

  1. Your Piano Teacher will coordinate with your academic teacher for their lesson day at school. You will begin HomePlay Day 1 for that same day. 

  2. Then each day for the next 5 days, log on to do musical activities at home, including practicing the piano. Lessons should take 6-8 minutes daily plus their practice time at the piano.   

  3. After concluding Day 5 or on Day 6 of each lesson, submit specific HomePlay assignments to your Piano Teacher via our Upload Form.

  4. Your Piano Teacher will respond with gentle critique, interaction, encouragement and lots of praise!

Results- Your child learns to play the piano, with all the wonderful academic benefits of engaging in the daily HomePlay activities carefully structured for them!  And it's FUN!

Your academic teacher will establish a Lesson Day at school and show one virtual Lesson each week. 

Here is Lesson One.  

Once your child has viewed the lesson at school, they will begin doing the assignments for Day 1 on their HomePlay Assignment Overview.  

Your classroom teacher will NOT be doing proficiency with their students. They will support the program by showing the video each week, encouraging practice in the classroom, possibly assigning worksheets and possibly playing flashcard games as the lesson progression builds. 

Your child will need to practice on a keyboard or piano.

With piano lessons becoming a part of your child's academics at school, you may not be prepared financially or have space to accommodate a keyboard station or piano. We understand!

But, you will want an instrument in your home for your child to engage with daily.  Remember: the more engagement, the greater the brain function enhancement achieved, which is our goal. 

Now, the ultimate practice instrument for piano lessons is a piano (digital or acoustic) or a keyboard station, but you don't need all of that to get the benefits provided by the piano. Please don't let that hinder your engagement with the piano!  We have ideas and tips to to set up your keyboard station affordably. 

Help Desk

We have a Help Desk to assist you with any types of technical assistance.  Email or call Mrs. Diana Armstrong at 256-682-2131. She responds very quickly weekdays.

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