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God Made the World 

Online Learning Course for Young Children

Getting Started Guide


Welcome to our God Made the World Online Course for Young Children.

This virtual program was developed for children ages 3+ years. It's fun, learning musical environment will be enjoyed by the entire family, as it features a study of creation from the Biblical Christian point of view.   

Get started by reading through this Getting Started Guide

You may Download and Print Off your Student Book. 

  1. Download and Print off the Student Book here.

  2. Download the Student Book Cover here. (Optional)

Remember, these items are copyright protected by Perfect Praise, Inc. and permission is being granted for you to download and print off only 1 copy of these materials as part of enrolling for our Online Learning Course. Any further distribution or use of these materials is illegal. For additional use, please contact Mr. Michael Riggs of Perfect Praise Music. 

Ear training is vital for students in their early formative years, as the ability to hear, sing and match pitch are developed before this window of opportunity closes around age 6 years. You want your Learner to SING along with the lessons!

We offer our Early Childhood Music audio sound tracks in hard copy CD's and Download Cards for you to manage the audio tracks on your favorite devices. Please contact the office for purchasing/shipping information. 

We also offer our audio tracks through your favorite Streaming Services.

We have linked with some of the most popular Streaming Services. Log in and enjoy full versions of our songs with your favorite membership. 

If you don't currently have a Streaming Service, may we suggest two FREE Streaming  Services, Pandora and Deezer. See accordions below for each of those services.

Whichever way you set up your audio tracks, be sure to have them available for your children to listen to every day and to enjoy. Listening and participating with these sound tracks trains their ears, enhances their language skills and it just makes us feel good to sing.  

Click on any sound track and a popup will appear for you to log in or set up an account.

Album Artwork

Pandora is a FREE streaming service. Click on the link below and log in or set up your FREE account. Enjoy the God Made the World CD Album!

Here is the link for your convenience. 

You may sign in or sign up for an Apple Music account at the top right hand corner.

Deezer is a FREE streaming service. Click on any track and a popup will appear for you to log in or create your FREE account. Enjoy!

Your God Made the World Online Learning Course contains a variety of activities each lesson. Structure your child's learning environment to be able to go easily from one activity to the next. 

  • For Home Use:  You may spread out over the week, or participate as a music class on one weekday. There is lots of content, so have fun moving through all the fun activities. Students may view content over and over again. 

  • For School or Day Care Use: Your church school, church or day care can offer our Online Music Courses as part of their curriculum. Contact Perfect Praise Office for more information in becoming a Registered Early Childhood Music Center. Course Syllabus provided upon request. 

Your God Made the World Online Learning Course is piano-based. That means that piano/keyboard activities are included in every lesson. 

Why is Piano Important?  

The piano is the number one instrument for brain function enhancement. When your child plays the piano and sings, every part of their brain is engaged. When they participate with piano activities in early preschool years, this activity wires their brain for orderly storage and retrieval of information for the rest of their life

Do I Need to Purchase a Piano?

A keyboard of any kind, sitting anywhere ... is wonderful for your young child to start with. Here is a video of a 5 year old sitting on the floor, performing on a mini-size keyboard in Level 2 of our Kids N Keys program, making the point that even a $20 mini keyboard will suffice. 

Please do not feel that you have to go out and purchase a keyboard station right now. However, if you do not have a keyboard/piano in your home, and will be making purchasing decisions in the near future, this picture shows the recommended keyboard station for children 4.5 years and older who are preparing for our Pre Kids N Keys program.

When you are ready to purchase a keyboard, we recommend a 61 key portable keyboard.

Piano studies for this age student are structured for Right Hand Pointer, or Right Hand Five Finger Position.

The difference is described in the lessons starting Lesson 9. Lessons 1-8 are guided for RH Pointer only. The goal is eventually Five Finger Position, but don't press too hard for very young children, as their hand/eye coordination and finger dexterity may not be developed enough for that position. And that's okay. Have fun and do your best!

Note: C Major Scale and Oscar the Octopus needs to be performed with pointer only. We do not teach "tuck under fingering" at this level. 

We don't assign home work, we assign HomePlay ... because it's so much fun.

Each lesson lists suggested HomePlay Assignments at the bottom of each Lesson. These activities are optional, of course! Have fun! 

If you have purchased the Complete Online Program or are attending in-studio lessons with Perfect Praise Music,  you may upload weekly HomePlay activities to your Zoom Teacher through the Upload HomePlay Portal here.  (See the next accordion for guidance on how to access and use.)

We are excited to see what the children are doing on their musical studies. We have created an Upload Portal for you to submit your HomePlay to your teacher! 

Here are the steps to take at the end of a week's study!

Note: Using your smart phone is the simplest way to do this. But it can be completed via your PC also, by sending your video and pictures to your computer and then following the instructions given below.  

  1. Take a picture of any worksheets listed on the HomePlay tab of the lesson

  2. Make a mini video of their piano study. For best results, use medium quality video settings on your phone so that they are small enough to load quickly.  For larger files, only send one up at a time.

A. Using your smart phone, log onto our website using your username (primary email address) and passcode that was given by our PPM office. (By default, we set up the passcode using the first four letters of your child's last name followed by 1234. If you have not changed the passcode, try that one first, before contacting Support.)

B. Once logged on, scroll down to the very bottom of our website, in the white area.  Look for HomePlay Upload

C. Complete the information that is required, then attach your worksheet's picture and keyboard video to that form. 

D. Select your Teacher's picture, enabling the form to take your HomePlay and send it directly to your Teacher. 

E.  Make sure you type in your correct email address, as it provides a link for your Teacher to reply. 

If you have any technical issues with your Upload Portal, please EMAIL We have a system in place to quickly help you resolve your issues. (Do not reach out to your teacher, we they will just refer you to this Support Technician.)

How to Use the Upload Portal:

Here is a mini video showing you how to upload via a computer. The same principles apply when using your phone, it's just easier on the same device that you took the videos from. 

We offer different Online Learning Course Packages.

Weekly Zoom classroom may be included in your Online Learning Course Complete Program. If so, you will be contacted by our office to establish the Zoom Class meeting time. If unfamiliar with Zoom, it is a FREE online software that enables students to get together, virtually, from any where in the world that you have internet.

Set up your Zoom account to prepare for Music Class with classmates and your Favorite Teacher!

If your course package does not include Zoom Accountability Lessons, you may add at any time, just contact our office. 

Welcome to God Made the World!