Music Game Links

Diana Armstrong

Parents here are a few links to website based games that your child might find fun!   Feel free to use any of these as an additional resource.  Currently these only work on desktop computers and require a Flash Player!  Please check back as we are going to be adding other resources in the future.


Block game  – Create a 3-note pattern and then listen to a variety of patterns to choose the one you created.  


Song Birds – Repeat the pattern the song birds make.


Comparing game – Listen to two melodies and determine if they are the same or different.


Storm Chasers –  Listen to the melody to see if it goes UP or DOWN


Alice in Wonderland 12 Steps – Select the sound heard to help Alice get to the top of the stairs.  Don’t let the funny sounds distract you!


Block Game with Rhythm – Same as the block game above, but with 8 note melodic and rhythm patterns