Kids N Keys Online Learning Course for Kids

Learn more about our Perfect Praise Piano Program for Kids.  Your child will learn to play correctly with this Virtual Piano Program because a Teacher is included!  

In Kids N Keys Level 1 the Learner will study: 

  • Posture and Position at the Keyboard

  • Reading treble clef notes 

  • Right hand piano performance

  • Left Hand Level 2 preparation warm-ups

  • 11 music theory flashcards and their application

  • How to perform solos for proficiency

  • How to introduce themselves for performance

  • How to put on a mini concert

  • How to hear, sing and match pitch (ear training)

  • How to compose their own song, step-by-step

  • How to apply use of syllables

  • How to use a metronome to maintain a steady beat

  • How to perform at the piano without looking at their fingers

  • And Much, Much More!  

We are dedicated to making sure that your Learner performs at the piano with excellence!  

Our Teacher is Included:  You will be assigned a Perfect Praise Piano teacher who will guide you through every step of this 16 lesson course.   

Lesson Proficiency:  Proficiency is accomplished by the Partner uploading videos to your teacher when the lesson's HomePlay calls for it.  Our teacher will respond to you, guiding you and gently critiquing your Learner's performance.  They will answer your questions and offer support as needed.  

In the last 5 years, we have developed two Kids N Keys Online Learning Courses.  When you enroll for our New Online Learning Course, you get them both!  These two courses were designed to fit different learning styles and schedules ... daily or weekly.  You get to choose which one you do, or you may do them both!  

Kids N Keys Level 1 Daily HomePlay Course- This interactive Online Learning Course guides your child's study into daily activities.  Each day's lesson contains 6-8 mini segments to keep Learners engaged.  The activities include teaching time, games, puppets and short interactive snippets that encourage them to practice the piano or complete worksheets. 

Kids N Keys Level 1 Weekly Online Learning Course- Our original course contains ONE 20-25 minute video for each week's lesson.  The content for this series of lessons is the same as for the Daily HomePlay Course, but it's ONE video to watch, instead of being broken down into Daily HomePlay Activities.  Each lesson includes teaching time with Mrs. Denie and our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals. 

Incorporating Both Courses-  There are several ways the 2 courses can work to best suit the needs of your home.  You may choose to incorporate the courses weekly, daily or a mix of both.  The choice is yours!  

Partner Tools- We provide you with everything that you need to be successful.  That includes Partner Training, a Getting Started Guide and weekly Partner Pages with tips and training.  You also have the unique reassurance that your Perfect Praise Piano teacher is just an email away.      

Level 1 Curriculum-  Included curriculum is provided for you in downloadable/printable PDF's or you may choose to order a hard copy of supplies from our Perfect Praise Store at a discount. Our curriculum includes: 

  • Kids N Keys Level 1 Student Book-  This book contains worksheets and the songs that your Learner will complete and perform at the keyboard. 
  • Kids N Keys Level 1 Audio File Download Card-  The audio files contain the songs with children's voices singing.  Great for ear training and for Learners to learn the words if not yet readers. Hard copy CD's are available from our Store.
  • Kids N Keys Level 1 HomePlay Overview Sheets- These HomePlay sheets enable the parent to view the HomePlay assignments of what their Learner will study and practice week by week. You can print these, mark on them, and give stickers and rewards on them for completing, monitoring and motivating.  
  • Kids N Keys Level 1 Virtual Guide (for the Weekly Course)- You can follow every activity in your Virtual Guide, checking off each lesson item as completed.  This guide also serves as a handy reference to see when a specific concept was studied.  
  • Kids N Keys Level 1 Flashcards- These 11 cards are produced in a downloadable/printable format, or you may choose to order hard-copies shipped to you for an additional fee.  See the Store for details. 

Level 6 Kids N Keys student performing Silly Clown

There are 7 levels of Study in our Online Learning Piano Course for Kids. Your family may enjoy all the benefits of playing the piano from your home and learn together in our fun, interactive program.

When you complete our full seven levels of study, your Learner will study how to:

  • Perform in five different keys (three major and two minor keys) 

  • Transpose between those keys

  • Compose their own original songs 

  • Read music treble clef and bass clef

  • Perform by reading from a lead sheet

  • Play the recorder (added in Level 3) 

  • Use the modulation chord between keys (added in Level 4)

  • Read the solfege and alphabet systems of music

  • Have exposure to the number system and lead sheets

  • Apply the basic music theory, enabling performance on any treble or bass instrument later

  • Play the piano, guitar and recorder with a metronome

  • Develop their singing ear (singing and matching pitch)

  • Apply performance skills to even non-musical areas of their life

  • Perform in front of groups 

All the while, they may earn points by their study and by completing games and quizzes.  They may work for and earn badges and certificates, to share and compare with other 'friends' in our virtual community (optional) 

Wow, what's not to love!  

Here are some testimonies regarding our Kids N Keys courses.  

  • My two sons have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play the piano with virtual lessons through Early Childhood Music. Virtual Lessons allow us to make more use out of our time learning. We follow the same structure as the in-class lessons, and visit the classroom setting for Performance Parties. On a weekly basis, we turn in our assignments and upload videos of our solos. I watch the video lessons provided with my boys so that I can answer their questions. I will admit that the first day of a new level is intimidating. But I am amazed that the kids have no fear and jump right in! They get excited for their lesson time and touch the keys of the piano daily, even if it is just for fun. Sometimes there might be frustration and mistakes, but if they are praised for their effort, they start to see their own improvement and keep trying! It has been so fun to watch their progress! Music has been very beneficial for my boys. They use all their senses and it helps in all areas of academics. I’ve even seen my once-shy boy, become confident! ~ Mrs. J. 

  • My child began locally with Kids N Keys, but mid-way we had to move away. It was so much fun to continue to keep his music class going virtually and he was able to graduate with his friends. This has been the most wonderful experience. Thank you Perfect Praise! ~ Mrs. M

  • My children attended Early Childhood Music when they were very young. When we moved away, we were unable to find anything like it in our area. We are so glad to be back ... with the on-line learning program this time! ~ Mrs. J

  • I am so glad I found this on-line piano program. It has solved scheduling issues as well as being very cost effective. Thank you for offering it for my kiddos!  ~ Mrs. C. 

  • My 9 year old daughter has special needs.  She gets up every morning saying, "I want music class." She carries her IPAD everywhere she goes with music class going. She just recently began to march her feet while shaking her eggs. A great feat for her! This program is the best ever! ~ Iris

  • We moved to another city and my child has been able to do the Kids N Keys virtual program, sending in videos to Mrs. Denie. It's like we are still there. I am so thankful for this program. ~ Mobile AL

  • My child (with autism)  loved coming to music class, but we found that he got so much more out of the virtual lessons, as he was in the comfort of our home. The studio lessons enabled socializing, and the virtual lessons enabled participation. This program worked for us! ~ Jenny

We didn't want to just put out a Piano Program for Kids.  We wanted to produce a Piano Program for Kids that ensures that the Learners actually learn to perform at the piano with excellence. 

So this program is interactive with you, a parent, guardian, nanny or babysitter. In our program, we call you a "Partner." 

We will be training you to be our at-home tutor for your Learner.  

Partner, you are our at-home tutor!

Partners are engaged with every part of the program.  That engagement is accomplished by uploading pictures, worksheets and mini video clips of your Learner performing at their keyboard station. 

We cannot guarantee your Learner performs correctly without interaction with you.  You are a vital part of this program. 

Who can use this program?  Just about anyone!  

1. Young Children: We designed this program for the child in early elementary years (basically ages 4.5 to 8-9 years) however it is being used by those younger and older. 

2. Special Needs:  Individuals with special learning needs can engage quickly with our non-traditional style of training.  The more that students engage with the piano, the more brain function is enabled, permitting more engagement. A wonderful spiral of brain function release is occurring. 

3. School Systems: Because the study at the piano enables such wonderful academics, the best place to study piano is in the school system, as all children need those benefits. Contact our office to see how the Perfect Praise Piano Program may be perfect for your school... and affordable.    

4. Adults: Typical adults and those with pre-dementia and Alzheimer's may enjoy engaging with this style of learning.  Remember, the piano is the best instrument for engaging the brain at any age and stage of our lives.  

The results of your Learner's engagement with our piano program are incredible.  For over the last 20 years, we have witnessed first-hand the power of the piano. 

We have produced a lot of "Benefits of Music" articles and blogs regarding the incredible benefits of playing the piano, especially when as a young child in the formative years.  You might check them out on our website. 

Your child will be enriched amazingly in these areas and more: 

  • Academically

  • Musically

  • Leadership qualities

  • Athletic ability

  • Brain function

  • Reasoning skills

  • Engineering skills

  • Performance skills

Our course includes daily HomePlay activities laid out for your Learner to complete 5 days a week

Each day's HomePlay includes 5-8 fun, short video clips that teach and engage the children.  It will take approximately 10-15 minutes daily to complete each day's HomePlay, including practicing at the piano. 

Day 6 is Submission Day. That day, you will submit videos and other worksheets to your teacher.  

Day 7 is rest, and then you begin again!  

(Note:  This is an overview only; your Getting Started Guide (available to you once you have purchased the program) will share more information on each of these topics.)  

Keyboard Station or Piano:  You will need a tuned piano or keyboard station in your home.  We can help you with purchase information if needed, dropped shipped to your home.  

Metronome:  You will need a metronome starting lesson 4.  A metronome may be built into your keyboard, may be free standing, or a simple free metronome app downloaded from your App Store. 

Recommended Supplies:  We recommend that you purchase a staff whiteboard and lummi sticks as you will use them every week.  They may be purchased from our Store and shipped to your home (within the Continental USA) or purchased elsewhere.  

Optional Hand Rhythm Instruments:  You may desire to purchase some optional supplies and hand rhythm instruments to interact with the lessons.  These would include: egg shakers, triangle, woodblocks, maracas, jingle tap and beach ball.  We've packaged these items together for your convenience, or you may purchase individually. 

Good Internet:  Internet services and devices affect how you are able to receive our program, so you will need good internet service.  We are here to help you work through any technical issues that you may experience as you begin our program, however you need to test your local connection services with our Sample Activities before you buy! 

Smart Phone or Devices:  Interaction with our teaching staff is a vital part of our program.  You will need a smart phone to take pictures and videos to upload to your teacher.  We want you to test this function before you buy.   

Curriculum:  We have provided downloadable/printable curriculum for your Online Learning Course.  You will need a printer to print them off, and a binder to organize them in.  You may instead, order hard copy curriculum from us at a discount. Note: We ship within the Continental USA only at this time. 

Motivation- Keeping a Learner engaged is everything in an online learning course, no matter the subject or age. In this Program, we have multiple people to motivate, the parents (who may have busy schedules) and the student.  For your Learner to excel in this program, you both must stay motivated. We have ideas to help!  

Consistent Lesson Schedule- We recommend consistent lesson schedules, otherwise the lesson time slips by, and soon the children are disinterested. We understand; we have been there. We'll tell you more as we go through the program.  

Positive Peer Pressure and Online Community- Children learn from other children. "Positive Peer Pressure" is one of the reasons our Kids N Keys in-studio program works so well and is so popular, but your online Learner is not to be left out. You have the opportunity to be a part of an online community of "friends". (This community is totally optional, so no worries if you don't prefer it.)  We'll tell you more later if you want to pursue this opportunity.

Points, Badges and More- Our Online Learning Course has a built-in point system, ability to earn badges and certificates.  We also have some surprises built in!

What a fun program for children!