Tips on Uploading your HomePlay videos and documents:

  • Successful uploads are all about file size.
  • You will want to set the settings on your recording device to make medium to small videos.
  • Everyone has different devices with different settings but possibly you may accomplish this by going into Settings, then Camera (or Video), then Record Video (or file size). Change the settings to to be at the medium to low setting. (My iPhone has 4 settings. I have it set for the 2nd slowest 1080 HD at 30 fps.)
  • If you see that your videos still are too large, re-record it at a slower setting. You want the quality to be good enough to enable proficiency with your teacher, but small enough to easily load.
  • The maximum file size is 100MB’s per upload.
  • Load only one video at a time. As long as you use the same student name each time, they will all feed into the same file folder on the teacher’s side.
  • Longer songs can be submitted one page at a time.
  • Suppression Software Apps are available to suppress the file size:
    • On a Mac or PC- use Handbrake (free!) here. On the video tab, set the “Quality” to “Constant Quality: 26”.
    • On your phone or device, visit your app store for quality apps to help you monitor your video’s file size.

If you are still having problems uploading your videos, please reach out to our support team! or call 256-682-2131.  We usually respond quickly weekdays.

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