What Happened in the Tabernacle of David

What happen in the tabernacle of David? By that I mean, what took place in the tabernacle of David? What was it that went on on a regular basis that got God’s attention so much that He swore He’d restore the tabernacle of David—that He opened the heavens over David in the tabernacle and gave revelation that was contained in mystery’s not meant to be opened until after the cross and Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection—that caused God to hand David a key that would unlock all that he needed to fulfill God’s purpose for him during his life.

1 Chronicles 15, 23, and 28 give us a pretty amazing details, as do other places in Scripture. I’m going to summarize briefly, with Bible references… my purpose is to create an understanding of what happened within the tent or tabernacle of David that gained God’s favor on the system of worship that King David developed:

    • David went after and recouped the Ark of the covenant and brought it to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:12; 1 Chronicles 15:25).
    • David set up a tent to keep the Ark of the covenant in (2 Samuel 6:17; 1 Chronicles 15:1; 16:1).
    • David set 4000 worshipers to maintain perpetual praise and worship music in the tent around the Ark of the Covenant (1Chronicles 16:6, 11,37,40; 23:5).
    • This music was not about performance, or music to make the people feel good, or even teach them the things of God. The music of the tabernacle of David was halal music – songs of praise – obvious praise, to Jehovah.

I am sure that the environment that David orchestrated around the Ark of the Covenant was an environment that invoked the song of God from the throne of God, down into Jerusalem and Israel—the kind of song spoken of in Psalm 32:7, which says that God is encircling His own with songs of deliverance or salvation.

The Tabernacle of David was all about the manifested, demonstrated presence of God. David found that Ark—the place of God’s presence. He sought it out and brought it back to Jerusalem with great effort and at great cost. Then, he developed and protected the atmosphere around the Ark of the Covenant so that God’s presence was assured in David’s kingdom.

The great lessons we can learn from the Tabernacle of David are first and primarily that if we pursue and secure the presence of God where we are we too can have the victory, safety and protection, prosperity and success—the shalom—that David experienced… and all Israel with him.

God bless you as you pursue God in your life. May we all become living, breathing, walking arks of the Covenant of God.

~Michael David Riggs

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