We offer private guitar lessons, piano and guitar combo lessons, and family guitar lessons.

From Mr. Michael, our Guitar Director

“I love teaching guitar. I love seeing a student learn how music works on the guitar and be able to master the guitar so that they can play any song they want to play, in any key, anywhere on the neck of the guitar. And that is the goal for every student—it’s always so fulfilling and refreshing when a student reaches that goal.

If a student can play guitar then they can play many instruments, because music’s concepts are the same—they just have to be applied differently on each type of instrument.

At Perfect Praise, Inc. we want all our students, no matter what instrument they play, to be able to take the music God put inside them and play on their instrument. For this reason we have developed a very basic, step by step approach to teaching students to play guitar. If you have questions about our Perfect Praise Guitar program please contact us at Michael@perfectpraisemusic.com.

The Benefits

  • The benefits of playing any instrument are great.
  • The guitar is a stringed instrument that enhances the student’s abilities to do multiple things at the same time.
  • The guitar studies the treble clef note reading.
  • Music theory with note reading is primary, and chord studying immediately following.
  • Performing skills are introduced and utilized with our Perfect Praise Performance opportunities.

The Structures

  • Guitar lessons are on-going by the month with a one month advance, written termination notice required.
  • Lessons are offered at 6125 University Drive Suite B-26, behind Cheddars.

The Fees

  • $30 Application Fee is charged for all booking students.
  • Tuition rate varies by the structure of your lesson type, ranging between $100 and $145 per month. Follow the links below for more information
  • Event Fee is charged twice per year and ranges between $25 and $45 depending on the forum

The Class Times

  • Perfect Praise Music is open Monday through Friday.  Guitar instruction lesson time slots and availability are given under each structure type listed below.

Our Guitar Program offers several options for your family.  Follow the links for Structures and Availability!

  1. Private Instruction:  One-on-one private instruction  Learn more …
  2. Combo Instruments:  Study guitar and piano in the same lesson each week.  Learn more …
  3. Family Lesson:  Two family members (e.g. parent and child) study the guitar together.  Learn more …
  4. Group Early Childhood Music Instruction: Adult Partner and your child study guitar as part of our Early Childhood Music program  Learn more …

 Steps to Enrolling … Simple as 1, 2 and 3! 

  1. Book it Now! Select your favorite class type and Book it Now!
  2. Confirmation: You will receive an email, text or phone call confirming our receipt of your application, usually within 24 hours.   We will set your start date for your first lesson.
  3. Get started! We will invoice you for your materials, prorated first month’s tuition and set up your Payment Security Form for recurring billing at your first lesson.


Spreading the Word …

My daughter studied the guitar under Mr. Michael when she graduated Kids N Keys. He is the most patient teacher. She thrives at the guitar and plays it for worship at our church.

Mrs. M.
My daughters are taking guitar lessons from Mr. Michael and the piano lab with Mrs. Denie … and it really has helped their musical abilities soar.

Mrs. H
My teenage son was flunking out of school and had an incredibly poor attitude about life … until he started guitar lessons with Mr. Michael. He began practicing it hours a day, and it has totally turned his academics and attitude around. Thank you Mr. Michael!

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