Funding a Piano Lab in Your School

Funding a Piano Lab in Your School

We are excited and blessed that you are considering opening up a Perfect Praise Piano Lab in your academic school.

It has taken us decades to put our ECM program and Online Learning Classroom together for you. There are thousands of mini videos to train your young musicians and to have fun at the same time.

We are excited to be able to offer it to your student body at a very discounted rate. You can take advantage of this non-traditional approach to the piano, and offer Piano Lessons for everyone in your school … then watch their academics soar!

Three Financial Components:

You have three components to establishing and operating a Perfect Praise Piano Lab.

  1. Initial investment of instruments, keyboards, PPM Curriculum, etc.  We will provide you a list of items that we recommend for your music school. We estimate that your cost of equipment to be about $150-$275 per student… depending a few factors. (You might find a person who supports the arts at your school to donate the funds for the Piano Lab.)

This initial investment varies by:

    1. How many students will attend at one time
    2. Quality and size of keyboard stations and other equipment you purchase
    3. Location of your school (shipping variance etc.)
    4. The economy


2. Teacher and Administrative Training- Annual

    1. Administrative Fee: This fee covers the administrative costs of establishing and maintaining your school’s contract. Office care, administrative care, technical support with your Facilitator and students, teachers. etc.
    2. Teacher/Facilitator training- included in your contract at the start of the school year. (See below for specifics)
    3.  Zoom Parent’s Training may be included as part of your annual contract, see below for specifics.


3. Student Tuition (Monthly) and Materials (Annual)

    1. Students will need materials to practice with at home. For K4 grade and up, these range between $12- 15 per year. (Based on one curriculum per year) Our model school built this fee into the student’s annual book fee.
    2. Student tuition fee will vary by the number of students who are enrolled in your school that will be participating in the Online Course for classroom. See the chart below for details. Note:  This fee is based on one course per student. Additional courses will add discounted additional tuition. Contact Perfect Praise for more information.
    3. Tuition fee will be paid to Perfect Praise Music at the beginning of each month based on your annual contract with us.

FUNDING CHART  Click Here for Funding Chart

How Will This Work?   Let’s drill down a bit more… 

  1. Teacher/Administrative Training~ An Annual Fee
    1. When you sign up with us for an annual contract, we offer included group training session on relevant topics. These will be conducted on Zoom Classroom or PowerPoint videos.
    2. For large schools (101-200 age-specific students),  one-on-one training and consulting may be available.
    3. We may also offer in-person consulting at your location. Price to be set  based on location and other factors.


2. Classroom Instruction~ Weekly Teaching Videos 

    1. Your music teacher/facilitator will show our Teaching Time videos for the classroom. We have step-by-step Teacher Manuals to help guide a Facilitator through the Online Course. It will include showing how/when to show the video and also tips and instruction for active participation activities as part of the class.
    2. Your teacher will assign a HomePlay sheet for students to practice. The parents will take it from there and practice at home for the recommended 5 day that week.  Practice time should not exceed 10 minutes a day for classes up through 1st grade.
    3. Parents return the completed HomePlay Sheets to the music classroom for SOLOS, rewards and acknowledgement.
    4. These instructions would be coupled with the Online Piano Course – including all the fun aspects of the Online Program.


3. Student At-Home Online Course~ (Included)

    1. The program’s success is greatly enhanced when you have parental support at home. For that reason, we have a Online Learning Course for Home that permits the parents to participate with their child to support their practice. This version also has games to play, ear training, rhythm ensembles and many other things to do at home.
    2. The tuition for the at-home program is included for your parents. However, they have to sign up with us, so there is a small app fee to cover our Team’s time to set them up and maintain support for the school year. $15 app fee per family  per school year.
    3. Perfect Praise Music includes parental training videos and PowerPoint, depending on your contract.

Little Red Schoolhouse ~ An Example School: An example of how this might work for you! 

Little Red Schoolhouse  inquired about establishing a Perfect Praise Piano Lab in their Christian School.

  • They have 75 students who are in the age bracket between K4 and 2nd grade, their targeted age group.
  • So, according to the Funding Chart, they will pay Perfect Praise Music $6 a week or $24 per month per student.
  • They signed the contract with PPM for the school year, an annual contract, submitting the Administrative Fee with the contract. (see Funding Chart).
  • Their teachers/administrators/facilitators/attend Zoom Classroom or view videos and PowerPoints for a preset number of included training sessions as agreed upon in the contract.
  • The school increases student’s monthly billing by $24 to cover the tuition fee of the Piano Lab.
  • The school increases student’s music material fee to their student’s annual material fees.
  • The school announces to the parents that their child will have piano lessons at school, and they can sign up for the At-Home version with Perfect Praise Music, stressing the importance of parental support at home. (This at-home course is covered in your monthly fee to PPM.)
  • On the first of each month, for the length of the contract with PPM, you will pay monthly tuition fee based on the contract. Note: Every school increases/decreases the number of students enrolled. We will not fluctuate in the billing, but will bill only for the agreed upon contract number of students, at the start of school.

With some creative planning and thinking ahead, we feel that where there is a will … there is a way. Let us know how we may help.