Tots N Time Class

Babies and Toddler Music Classes

Children Under 36 Months

Baby/Toddler music classes are wonderful.  These fast-paced music classrooms engage walking and non-walking babies under age 36 months as they explore the wonderful world of singing, active musical participation classes with bells, egg shakers, bells, scarves, hoops, the piano….  and more.

Active musical participation and the early piano study enriches their lives with musical and non-musical benefits that last their lifetime.

$10 per week!  Check out our Availability (below) and Enroll today! 

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The Benefits
  • Spacial reasoning activities at the piano enhances brain function.
  • That enriched brain wiring remains for life as their brain is still forming.
  • Enhanced brain wiring contribute to enhanced academics for life especially in the areas of math, reading and science.
  • Early musical involvement develops ear training- the ability to match pitch.
  • Musical activities enrich verbal skills and hand-eye coordination.
rachel and levi

The Structures
  • 30 minute lesson each week in an on-going format.
  • A parent or guardian attends lessons providing a safe, warm environment.
  • The format is on-going with one-month advance, signed, written termination notice required.
  • In-studio lessons are offered at 6125 University Drive, Suite B-26, Huntsville AL 35806 (Behind Cheddars)
  • Virtual lessons are offered through Perfect Praise TV to support the in-studio program or to stand alone for remote use.
  • New!  We have developed some Success Workshop Videos for new families to watch in order to be successful right from the very first lesson.  You can start classes this week!  Enroll today!

The Fees
  • Application Fee:  $30 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Monthly Tuition:  $40 monthly tuition with automated recurring billing to a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit/credit card.
  • Materials: $65.00 (includes tax)  Includes a canvas, embroidered book bag, a supplemental notebook, an attendance sticker book, two egg shakers and the Rhymes N Rhythms book and CD.  Additional hand rhythm instruments are sold separately.
  • Performance Fee:  Stage performance opportunities are held twice a year (usually May and November) with an event fee ranging between $25 and $45 per event depending on our forum.  This fee is due one month in advance of the event.  All registered students are required to pay the event fee regardless of whether you attend the event or not, so Save the Date! 
The Curriculum

The materials for our Tots N Time program include: A canvas, embroidered book bag, a supplemental notebook, two egg shakers, an attendance sticker book and our curriculum, the Rhymes N Rhythms Book and CD. 

Class Times

Day & Time
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Tuesday 10:15am Will have one more opening in March! 2 Book it Now!
Tuesday 4:40pm No Notes 6 Book it Now!
Tuesday 6:15pm One child on waitlist 0 Book it Now!
Wednesday 4:40pm No Notes 2 Book it Now!
Thursday 5:00pm 0 Book it Now!
Friday 10:15am No notes 5 Book it Now!

Spreading the Word …

My 20 month old cries at the end of class every week because he doesn't want to leave.  I love this program.

Every time we get in the car my 24 month-old son wants to go to music class. 

This music program has released my child into language in just a few weeks!  

It is so much fun to attend this lesson together each week.  What a valuable experience. 


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