Music N Motion Class

Preschool Music Lessons

Ages 3 – 4 Years

Our preschool music lessons for 3-4 years, Music N Motion, paves the way for early piano study, advanced ear training, hand-eye coordination and more!

These parent-attended classes are fun, fast paced and piano-based.

We enjoy rhythm instruments of bells, egg shakers, maracas, tambourines, jingle taps, triangles, wood blocks, lumni sticks, boom whackers and more.

Students draw, clap and play music note values first on their staff white board and then perform their songs at the piano and on stage. Students who attend this foundational program excel in our Kids N Keys program.

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The Benefits
  • Our curriculum is piano-based resulting in enriched brain function for musical and non-musical benefits!
  • Students perform solos in studio and on stage developing stage presence that releases confidence and self esteem that carries over into their every day life.
  • Early active participation musical classes change a child’s brain function.pre-kids-n-keys
  • When a young child engages with movement and musical instruments, their right brain-left brain links together and the neural connections made remain for the rest of their lives.
  • This enriched brain function produces accelerated academics especially in the areas of math, reading and science.
  • Musical benefits include developed ear training, the ability to hear, sing and match pitch before the window of opportunity closes.
  • Our preschool music lessons create incredible musical skills that pave the road for early and accelerated piano skills.

The Structures
  • 45 minute lesson each week.
  • A parent or guardian attends lessons providing a safe, warm environment.
  • The format is on-going with one-month advance, written termination notice required.
  • In-studio preschool music lessons are offered at 6125 University Drive Suite B-26, Huntsville AL 35806. (Behind Cheddars)
The Fees
  • $30 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of enrollment. (Discounted to $15 for second family members)
  • $59 monthly tuition with automated billing to a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit/credit card.
  • Startup Materials $70.00 plus tax.  Includes a canvas, embroidered book bag, a supplemental notebook, an attendance sticker book, a set of rhythm sticks, a staff whiteboard kit (board, marker and eraser), Seasonal curriculum (Student book and CD).
  • This department changes curriculum three times a year, January, June and September at $25 plus tax for the book and CD.
  • Performance Recitals are held outside of music class twice a year with the event fee ranging between $25 and $45 per recital depending on the forum. All registered students are required to pay the event fee regardless of whether you attend the event or not, so Save the Date! 
The Curriculum

The Music N Motion curriculum varies by the season as we have developed piano-based curriculum to cover a two year span taking your child from age three to age five years.

    • Exciting curriculum may include:  Come to the Sea, Noah’s Ark, Celebrate the Season, God Made the World, Are We There Yet?, Musical Manger, Christmas Around the World or International Christmas.
    • You ECM material kit also includes:  a supplemental notebook, an attendance sticker book, a set of rhythm sticks, a music staff whiteboard (marker and eraser included) and the seasonal book and CD.
    • The Music N Motion Book bag set retails for $70.00 plus tax.
    • You will receive your Music N Motion material kit at the Partner Workshop.

Class Times

Day & Time
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Monday 6:00 pm no notes 6 Book it Now!
Tuesday 5:20pm Will have one more opening in March! 1 Book it Now!
Tuesday 11:00am No notes 7 Book it Now!
Wednesday 3:30pm Book it Now!
Wednesday 5:15pm Will have one more opening in March! 1 Book it Now!
Friday 11:00am No Notes 1 Book it Now!

 Spreading the Word …

My child loves his music class!  He has learned so much and loves to perform solos in class and at recital!

We love this program.  My daughter thrives on her music class ... she sings the songs all the time.

My four-year old was non-verbal until he began this program.  This program has changed our lives!

I cannot believe all the things that my 3.5 year old has learned in this class.  His ear training alone is awesome, but also understands whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.


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