Bounce N Baby Class

Mommy and Me Baby Music Classes 

from 12 Weeks to Strong Walkers

Bounce N Baby is our Mommy and Me baby music class.  Music researchers indicate that active musical participation classes enhance your baby in ways that nothing else can.  This early stimulation produces accelerated abilities academically, musicianship, performing skills and confidence!  The results last for the rest of their life.

Baby music class activities are fast-paced including lap bounces, baby bells, egg shakers, finger drums, maracas, tambourines and even the piano!

All this for $10 a week!  Check out our Availability (Given Below).  Enroll today and Start Tomorrow! 

The Benefits

Gently bouncing your baby enhances their academic function, actually wiring their brain for higher brain function and academics for the rest of their life.

  • Recent research indicates that eight month old babies have more neural cells seeking paths to wire than any age of an individual.
  • Their brain wiring is incredibly enriched by active participation with music as early as possible.
  • If desiring enhanced brain function for life, enroll your baby as early as 12 weeks.
  • Bounce ‘n Babies who have continued to graduation from our Early Childhood Music department (approximately age 7), are WAY ahead of their peers in Math, Reading and Science, musicianship, performing skills, social skills and confidence.
The Structures
  • A Partner attends lessons with your child.
  • 30 minute lessons weekly in an on-going format, requiring one month advance signed, termination notice.
  • We have a Friday morning mostly baby class that might be fun to join if your schedule permits and, our babies are joining our Tots N Time (toddler) classes giving many more opportunities for class times.
  • In-Studio classes are held at 6125 University Drive Suite B-26, Huntsville, AL 35806.
  • Once you enroll, we will send you two short videos to watch before your start date to help your child be successful right from the very first lesson.
  • Enroll today and start tomorrow!
  • Virtual lessons are offered for the remote student and as an add on for those who’d like to do music class at home.

The Fees
  • Application Fee:   Our application fee is $30, non-refundable fee due at the time of enrollment.
  • Tuition Fee:  $10 a week ($40 per month)  begins once start date is set.  Tuition is on-going by the month, with one month advance written termination notice required.
  • Payment Security Form creates an auto-account for monthly tuition to a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.
  • Bounce N Baby Material Kit: Our Bounce N Baby Material Kit retails for $65.00 (includes tax) and includes everything that you will need to do our baby class… and will grow with your child into the higher levels of our program.
  • Performance Fee:  $25-$45 Performance Fee varies by two annual events usually held in May and November.  (Performance opportunities are optional for babies younger than 6 months, and you will not be charged the Performance fee unless your child performs.)
The Curriculum

 Our  Perfect Praise Baby Book (123 pages) contains the musical benefit research that you will love to read to arm you with tools to set your child on a musical path for life… and the benefits along with it.  The Perfect Praise Baby CD contains over one hour of vocal sing-along songs recorded in a woman’s voice, which researchers declare is preferred by this age student.

Class Times

Day & Time
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Friday 9:30am 0 Book it Now!
Tuesday 10:15am For children under 36 Months 2 Book it Now!
Tuesday 10:15am For children under 36 Months 2 Book it Now!
Tuesday 11:00am 0 Book it Now!
Tuesday 4:40pm For children under 36 Months 5 Book it Now!
Tuesday 6:15pm 1 child on waitlist 0 Book it Now!
Wednesday 4:40pm For children under 36 Months 2 Book it Now!
Friday 10:15am For children under 36 Months 5 Book it Now!

Spreading the Word …

I just have to tell you how much my (special needs) baby has learned in such a short time.  This music program has even helped her with her ability to hold attention.  She loves her music class!  (So do I.)

This program makes me want to have another baby!

At first I was not sold on spending money for music class for my baby.  But I did my own research and am very committed that all of my children will do your program.  Thanks for offering it!


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