Early Childhood Music … Preschool Piano Lessons

Early Childhood Music’s preschool piano lessons are for babies from 12 weeks to eight years.

Our non-traditional piano curriculum works wonderfully for very young children to learn to play the piano.  The classes are parent-attended and developmentally structured.

Your child will graduate from Early Childhood Music performing at the piano in five different keys, transposing and composing, playing the recorder and the guitar!

Preschool piano lessons changes your child’s brain function for life!




Bounce n Baby class at Perfect Praise TV
Bounce N Baby

12 Weeks to Strong Walkers: Music researchers report that music is the number one stimulator of babies. Our Mommy and Me classes are fun, exciting and life changing.

Bounce n Baby class at Perfect Praise TV
Tots N Time

Strong Walker to 36 Months: When a toddler actively participates with music, they receive enriched hand-eye coordination, ear training and accelerated language development.  Fun, fast-paced classes keep their attention.  They will thrive in this program.

Bounce n Baby class at Perfect Praise TV
Music N Motion

3 – 4.5 Years: Early music concepts are studied setting the stage for strong musical skills for life;  ear training, piano skills, and creativity are enriched in a warm and fun environment.

Bounce n Baby class at Perfect Praise TV
 Kids N Keys

4.5 Years and Up: Preschool piano lessons begin in this department.  Our non-traditional curriculum works for very young children to study the piano, maximizing the benefits during formative years.  Fun, positive peer pressure of a classroom learning environment brings out the best! Full program also includes piano, recorder, and guitar.  Full video lessons support the structures and are included!

Completing our Early Childhood Music Program

When your child graduates from our Early Childhood Music program (around age 7.5 years) they will be able to:

  • Perform at the piano in 5 keys, modulating and transpose between them.
  • Play the recorder and beginner guitar.
  • Are very comfortable performing in front of audiences, big and small.
  • They are incredible musicians who compose their own songs, and perform by note and by ear.
  • They achieve incredible academics because of the benefit of piano lessons during the formative years.
  • They are prepared to excel in our piano/guitar programs or study under any other teacher in the area.

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