GMTW Lesson 1

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God Made the World 

Online Learning Course for Young Children

Lesson 1

Intro Lesson!


Mr. Michael Riggs and Mrs. Denie Riggs, your Teachers, welcome you to God Made the World. 


We are going to have so much fun! Let's join Pedro and Suzie for the Hello Song!

If it's your birthday month, this chant is for YOU! 

Let's sing My Months!

Moses wrote the first five books of the Old Testament and will be telling his story, starting right now. 

Now let's hear from Dr. Lauren on the scientific point of view. 

It's time for Reasons We Worship with Mr. Michael.


Now, let's worship by singing the first verse of God Made the World.


God made you very special. Let's join Mrs. Denie, Pedro and Suzie to sing about it.

He Made Me

Now, point to someone that God loves. That's easy! God Loves You and everyone. Let's sing it! 

Our focus this course is on our right hand/ left hand. Let's do the Hokey Pokey. Get ready for some fun. 

A favorite that talks about God's love is Jesus Jive. Let's sing it now! 

Joyful, our Perfect Praise Puppet Pal, wants to introduce the great big whole note.  

Ms. Treble and Mr. Bass are going to tell us more about our great big whole note. 

Now, let's learn to draw whole notes with our Teacher, Mr. Michael. 

Get your rhythm sticks, or just some old spoons, and tap whole notes with Mr. Michael. 

Great big whole note, fat and round. Strike on ONE and hold it down. 1, 2, 3, 4.

When you play the piano, every finger is assigned a finger number. Let's learn more with My Finger Song

It's Piano Time. Drag out your piano like George, our friendly monkey. 

Mrs. Denie is going to teach us the importance of the piano! Let's listen and learn.

Mr. Bass and Ms. Treble want to help us understand the keyboard. Let's join them. 

Before we move on, let's play our Black Key/White Key Song. 

We have more to learn today. Let's listen and learn.  

Now Mrs. Denie is going to demonstrate at the piano.

Practice playing the two black key groups for this next song, then, let's play the Little Choo Choo.

Ear Training is very important. Mrs. Denie will tell you more. 

Let's laugh with Chelsea and George!


Here is your HomePlay Assignment for this lesson. All worksheets and references to songs, are from their Student Book. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for download information. 

  1. Worksheets 1 and 2

  2. Draw great big whole notes on your whiteboard

  3. Locate the two black keys and three black keys on your piano

  4. Practice the Little Choo Choo 

You may upload your HomePlay to your teacher via the Upload Portal on our PerfectPraiseMusic website. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for more information and links.